What’s Your Listening Profile?

I second this for the Model Zero. I often use mine just for classical and swing music.


Noooo! It’s all about the music quality :wink:

I hope we won’t let you down!

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I am most definitely an audiophile but I love me that bass too! For the past couple of months I have been getting into high fidelity audio. I currently own some KZ ZS10 Pro and KZ ZSX in-ear-monitors. These earbuds are absolutely amazing. With the use of multiple balanced armatures and a great DAC these sound amazing, better than anything I’ve heard before. These IEMs use one dynamic driver and five balanced knowles armatures in each ear. I also use an EarStudio Es-100 to get bluetooth and 24 bit quality on a handful of codecs. You can’t even imagine the great sound you get in the 7hz-40khz range. Every instrument is heard, very detailed!

I’m lost here too !! what was this contest about?? @Loz

And yes, I’m an Audiophile, if you have levels in that, probably lower mid then :smiley:

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You guys are newbs @Shenoy @Ice @jercox
The contest was from This thread


Too many contests the last time.
We all here are overburdened! :smiley:

Nah it’s easy to keep up, just gotta remember remember remember remember and then you won’t forget forget forget :crazy_face:

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Somehow I missed that

I am sure, lot of people missed that,

Soundcore team should really highlight such topics as Contests :slight_smile: , just a suggestion

Example: Contest : Are You Missing Jack?

Nah yall just have bad memories or fail at reading everything :crazy_face:
But your right, they should highlight it better, or did they keep it inconspicuous to offer others a better chance at winning :thinking:


With Soundcore wanting to expand and get more exposure, I strongly feel these need to be highlighted better… many of us have tweeted these and if there was a “contest” or worded better, there would have been more members drawn to Soundcore Collective and prospective customers…

Whether its taken as an input or dropped off like any other comment, is up to the Soundcore crew

a thought for @Will @Hannah @Loz

I’ve been all of them at some point!

These days, I can the unwanted DJ, blasting some EDM as I sit drinking my latte in the city center, and other days I’m a subdued basshead as in I don’t like my head thumping but I do like bass to be bass! Even if.listening to easy listening.music, I want that bass drum to thump not flop, but I hate farty bass. It’s not big and definitely not clever, if anything it’s bad cones n rubbish crossovers. The sort of sound most sub £30 Bluetooth speakers make when you crank up the volume, or brats in cheap cars pretending their filming fast n furious, in their £350 Micra!

I love the sound my LIFE P2 makes, it’s crisp and it’s full, but most of all its quality.


I will be very frank… and cut the chase… I like seeing more informational pictures / videos and descriptive context with headers.

If there are contests, those need to be Highlighted. End of the day, we and Soundcore are here to promote and support Soundcore products and should not forget the vision.

I don’t think it was that confusing :thinking:

I never said the Content was confusing… It is an incorrect statement :innocent::grin:

I don’t consider myself an audiophile but I prefer headphones that have a more neutral sound profile. With a lot of cheaper headphones they boost the bass and/or treble and leave out a lot of detail in the music. It’s really disappointing to hear certain tracks and a specific part of the song just isn’t there or is so muffled that it’s practically inaudible.

Usually when I get a new pair of headphones I try out a few different styles of music to see how they handle each kind. I’ve specifically had to do this with wireless earbuds where the drivers are really small and Bluetooth doesn’t help.

Thats true.
I dont use the bass boost at the soundcore speakers.
Much better to adjust them with an equalizer and raise the low frequencies when there is a need.

The Beatles agreed with you.