What’s Your Listening Profile?

I’m certainly a mix of a few…Those mids have to be up front and clear. Nice punchy bass but not too much! Lol I just love listening to music period…almost any genre. Comfort and fit is very important to me as well bc I wear them for hours on end!

It started in the 70th when they said that listening to load music was bad for your ears. Nobody knew how, it was just bad. Well if nobody knows how and why, it can’t be that bad.
I got my tinnitus in the 80th so know I can’t get it again :yum:

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Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of dance music. Keeps me going during work lol

Beside classic I am listening more and more to Portuguese Fado
via internet

I like it and it improves my language skills :wink:

I’ve been listening to carols from Kings College.