What songs do you remember or started into your favorite music genre

My 13 yr old son ever so often will take an interest in his old dad and will ask a question.

He was listening to one of his youtube meme video as he would say and I told him that song sounded pretty good. So he asked what songs did I listen to when I was younger or his age.

After a few thought, I came up with about the 3 or 4 songs that I remember the most. So what songs do you remember when young or got you started into your favorite genre.

So growing up in the 70’s I think most of the songs that I started with were catchy tunes and in so in no specific order

  1. Witch doctor (chipmunks)
  2. Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton
  3. Dolly Parton - Me and Little Andy (sister played that to death
  4. Dr Hook - The cover of the Rolling Stones

Yes #1 and #4 are ones I can recall from my childhood as well.

Others include

Corey hart - I wear my sunglasses at night
Genesis - in the air tonight

Interested to see others recollections :wink:

My Mum mostly loved to listen to ABBA and The Carpenters and some other 70s music. I remember being obsessed with the song Eagle by ABBA, still a good song, I’ll have to listen to it again soon. Not been on any long car journeys recently so not ended up playing my ABBA CDs!

When I was little I was also obsessed with The GNU Song by Flanders and Swann and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) originally by The Four Lads, covered by They Might Be Giants. I heard the cover first but I like both, depends how fast or slow you want to hear it! :smile: Also, Mr. Blue Sky both by Electric Light Orchestra, covered by Weezer!

There’s a number of other songs I can think of that changed/expanded my music tastes or that I played to death:

El Chico del Apartamento 512 by Selena Quintanilla, if you don’t know her check her out she was amazing!
The Corrs’ song Would You Be Happier?
You’re a Fool by Allstars
Outside Looking In and Later by Jordan Pruitt
Forgetting to Forget About You by JoJo
Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift
The Show by Lenka
Fireflies by Owl City
Stop and Stare by OneRepublic
Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Franklin and Native Tongue by Paramore
It Stops Today by Colbie Caillat
Long Gone by Lady Antebellum
King of Anything by Sara Bareilles
I Know You Know by Esperanza Spalding
Piano Song and Thinking Too Much by Meiko
Predictable by Delta Goodrem
The Way It Was by Brooke Annibale
Sofia by Alvaro Soler
Pepe by CLC
Stop! by Wonder Girls

Wow this was a longer list than I thought it would be… I like too many different styles and genres! :sweat_smile:🤷
Whoops, I just realised it was supposed to be 3 or 4… :grin: Sorry about the monster list, I got carried away!


Bill Haley & the Comets : Rock around the Clock.
(I was listening to this)
Rudi Schuricke : Komm zurück.
(Thats a song my father liked to listen, and I had too :rofl:)

Oh I really forgot, my mother was often playing Schubert’s impromptus on the piano. :grinning:


From my childhood some hindi songs! Okay! Let me listen to them again. Thanks for this idea!! :joy:

I’ll have to check some of these out too, some are familiar others vaguely so.

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Nice topic. Should try to remember :grin:

Abba was so great (studio)
The recordings were absolutely perfect made.
Best studio technique.


If you have any that are available on Youtube, you should include them here as well. We would love to hear it. .

Plus it is very nice to hear from other members as well.

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I forgot about ABBA. Now I have an ear worm of Take a Chance on Me.

I will say that I enjoyed Elvis too back in the 70s. We had several 8 track of his music. LOL You may want to google 8 tracks :rofl: depending on your age.

About 15 yrs ago I could have gotten a floor model 8 track / LP player that my grandmother had after she passed away but I just did not have the room. Wish I would have gotten it now.

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This is mine growing up with me dancing and singing.
(I’m sorry)


I was in college during that time. I will that before he got his contract that he use to play in some dive bars close to the college I went too per my aunt.

When I was younger I mostly loved classic rock because that’s what my family liked I loved who are you by The Who it was great and all the beetles songs were huge in my house. As I got older country became more of a common thing to listen to started with brad paisley and has now spread to others. I also listen to pop and rap and a bunch of other genres so I’m very mixed around

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I am about the same. I use to have this hand held radio and use to listen to music before going to bed and it was a mix of different songs. I even caught myself listening to some talk radio as a teen.

Some of mine are based on my parents as well.
Kenny Rogers - Gambler the biggest.
Jim Croce - Time in a bottle
Carpenters - Deadman’s curve.

Each were part of albums that I knew all of at one point, those are the song names that come to mind. There was some Abba in there too probably. All before I was listening to my own music - a lot of CCM at the time, Petra the standout.


Oh yes! Sure… Here are they…

  1. the oldest song i remeber

  2. https://youtu.be/NJ1NIIdHhXs

There are a lot more but mind is blank which one to pick and which one to not! Thanks hope you gonna enjoy these.

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Ahh not many here would know Rez music. I’d imagine… could be wrong…

Nice share w/ Petra :slightly_smiling_face:

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Those are pretty good. The one reminds me of something my kids watch due to the mustache.

Anyway, I think they called it a video meme. You take a song any alter it and add effects to it. Although this is not too bad, I have seen some with screaming and screen distortion.

So this is one based on lazy town. It is not too bad on the changes



Yes… Actually that was just a song in my time. Now they have added effects and animation to that. But the tune and all are still alive. The one you shared is very funny. :joy::joy:

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They get worse than that. I watch the kids playing some and they have screeching and weird glitch cringy scenes.

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