What sort of content is Soundcore looking for?

I am wondering if there is anything the separates good content from mediocre content. For example, what makes a great gallery post? So far it seems like the preference is for photos or videos that feature the product without a user in the photo. In terms of conversations, are we looking for posts that solicit ideas that are useful for soundcore staff or posts that generate user engagement? Any input appreciated - I think we all want make useful contributions for Soundcore, but the parameters for “useful” are still a bit fuzzy. Does anyone have ideas about this? I’m all ears.

All depends on the poster and the reader as to what could be considered good or mediocre content, useful or completely pointless…

Soundcore are probably looking for stuff that can generate conversions around audio or their products, to the point that it can be used as an example on social media to influence users to join or purchase said item…

Unfortunately there is only a finite amount of stuff you can talk about around audio / products etc so it branches out to other stuff…even if it becomes mediocre or farcical…

I feel like the winners for the gallery is based on likes…

Two types:
Real reviews and videos.
Photos and photomontages which should be not just simple.
I know this is difficult to create for many.

It is not important if there are likes or not.
Some “like” the photo or photomontages, the others dislike.

With or without persons doesnt matter for me.

This is interesting - what makes a review “real”? I have made several reviews, photos, etc., and what I notice is that when I have to make a review quickly I dont always have time to use the product as I would like to before reviewing. I want to come back and make another after a month or a year with the product. These reviews I think are better than the unboxing type review that only has a surface treatment of the product.

This creates another problem - we are only supposed to make one review per product in the reviews area, but what if I want to make a review after using something for a year? Is this even useful to Soundcore since they update product lines so rapidly?

Unboxing is boring.
Nobody needs this.

I prefer comparing if I can.
I did this in my reviews, no videos.
I like to write, but people dont want to read.
Youtube is full of such useless reviews.
To find a good one is like walking through miles of mud
before you find that needle in that haystack.

A true review is difficult to create.

eg. I got some walking (trekking) sticks to test recently.
These are looking fine of course.
But what makes such sticks real usable is durability.
I know more about after using these for a year.

While unboxing can be boring to some, there is a TON of people who watch YouTube videos to just watch the unboxing. For instance Unbox Therapy channel on Youtube has 15.3 Million subscribers.

What is so exciting open a box and pulling out the contents?

Do you find such an important “act” exciting and do you really to watch those extractions.
For me its wasting time, though I have a lot. :rofl:
I will learn nothing from those “events.”

I dont care about the billions of subscribers. :grinning:

Do I? Not at all, but apparently 15.3 Million people do, so maybe someone does here as well.

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What a pitty you are not in the 15,3 Million! :smiley:
What’s the population on earth?
So these 15,3 millions are certain minority! :grinning:

I have never thought you might be interested in those useless events.
Please don’t misunderstand me. :wink:

No one who is seriously interested to
learn about an item will be satisfied
to watch someone who is emptying a box only.