What' the difference between the Life Dot 2 NC and the A2NC?

Hi everyone, I was wondering what the difference was between these two earbuds. They look very similar in the soundcore app, and I watched reviews on both of them and was wondering what the difference was, because they are both NC and they look almost exactly the same.


A search is always the best start. A new thread is never as good as a search and reply in the best thread.

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Yeah, that probably would have been a better idea.

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Yes, I did try that first, but I couldn’t find anyone who could explain it properly. Most of the results sounded more like guesses than anything else. Only in this community did I find not just the answer, but it was explained in great detail. This community has the experts of all things Anker / Soundcore.

Is the answer on your thread?

Did you read it?

and its mentioned here also

The reason we have to search is to focus quality replies into one thread, if it keeps being asked you get varying replies across many search hits. Search only delivers good hits if people use search so the top hit keeps being re-hit with discussion which contains the answer.

The way to defeat people making new similar threads is point them to the thread which they should have gone to, so any follow-up go there. So don’t reply here, you’re making it worse for future. Go to the other thread, read it and ask there if not clear.

The many-similar-threads problem accumulates over years where new users cannot find an answer easily and so make a new thread again.