What Would You Do With 100 Flare 2 Speakers?

Hi Guys,

We’re all super excited about today’s blog in the Soundcore offices! Unfortunately, there’s one person who is not happy at all… Poor Linus Tech Tips! But why oh why is Linus so upset?

Flare 2 is our newest party speaker and the first to feature PartyCast Technology (learn more about Flare 2 HERE). PartyCast synchronizes both sound and light across 100+ other speakers. Imagine the possibilities. We thought it’d be a cool idea to give 100 of them to Linus Tech Tips so he could throw the mother of all parties and film it…

Cue social distancing!

What kind of party can someone throw if we’re following social distancing rules? Well, the only way to find out is to check out Linus’s video HERE.

And that’s not all. So you can throw your own self-isolation party (yay…), we’re giving away every single speaker that Linus used in his video. Follow this LINK to enter. Everyone has a guaranteed prize and multiple chances to enter!

Because the giveaway is only open to US residents, we thought we’d give some of our European fans a little treat as well. Not only have you guys got discounts on Flare 2, but we’ve also got codes for Trance, another of our party speakers.

Flare 2:

Amazon UK: FLARE2UK20 (20% off)

Amazon DE: FLARE2DE25 (25% off)


Amazon UK: TRANCEUK35 (35% off)

Amazon DE: TRANCEDE35 (35% off)

Have fun and take care, guys!


Thanks for the details!!

Great event :+1:


ARe the codes u win combinable?

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Discount codes are for amazon and cannot be stacked or combined…


signed up. got a 5% off discount that I won’t use…

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Great event :+1:
Anybody got a 25% discount so far?

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Beginner here but Id love to win. Love my Ankers.


The discounts for UK and DE are bigger than the discounts from entering the US one, at least for most.

Five different instances of a 5% code that are exactly the same isn’t much use. And a random 10% one in the confirmation email, even though all the ones in the actual competition page showed 5%.

Feel sad that giveaway doesn’t open to Canada.

Same. Actually five 5% discounts that I won’t use.

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If you wait long enough, they will offer it on sale at a better price. So I will be waiting for that…

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