What would you spend you credit/itunes card on if you win won?

Being that the top 10 get an itunes gift card and the next batch get a credit for purchases, what would you spend either on?

Not gonna jump the gun and jinx myself. I’ll wait to see if I win anything and not try to speculate in what “if I won”.


Not sure. I might buy a movie or put the credit towards one. I don’t have an iTunes account but my brother does. Since we share the account I will gift a movie I want. :wink:

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I would have to win something before I think about what I would win. The prizes vary so much I wouldnt evwn know what to get til I got it.

Absolutely no idea. I guess maybe Apple Music? I already subscribe, but I could just pay for that…

will have to wait and see. Rather spend on more electronics :slight_smile:

Apple Music?

Apple Music for sure.

Payment towards my yearly streaming music account

It would likely go towards my Apple Music subscription.

I dont have any apple stuff and no fruit either!

I’m fully android a.d no laptop or PC or tablet, just a very smart phone!

So iTunes vouchers are absolutely useless to me. Even toilet paper would hold more value to me :wink:

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You could subscribe to Apple Music. They have an android app…

I like it WAY more than Spotify- even premium.

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I dont spotify and def don’t stew apple music.

If I want a album or song, I go find a download for it :wink:

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Apple music subscription for sure, currently I’m paying fpr YTM thru YouTube premium and is such a half-baked service. I already gave Spotify premium a chance and the sound quality was horrible plus a lot of problem with the app on pc/Android, Currently thinking about trying Deezer. Tidal is good but $20 bucks for hi-res is too much for me right now lol.

Does anyone here have Naxos? I have access through my local university library, and I love it (but I don’t pay for it!)

Moives Apple Music plan :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Highly unlikely I will be in the iTunes card band by the end but it would most likely go on a few iTunes movies I’ve yet to add to my collection.

At least you’ll win an anker giftcard (most likely)…

Was thinking the same about some movies. From what others have said, an apple music subscription might be worth trying for a bit.

But I’m not getting to that level, so its all just speculation.

There’s also Apple TV+ and the Apple Arcade to consider now…

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