What would you suggest your teams use?

Good morning beautiful community, I hope all of you are well?

I have become somewhat of an ambassador of SoundCore products, getting rid of the Apple AirPod Pros in favour of the Life P2 and also dumping the Bose QC35 IIs for the Q35s BUT…

I feel I could so more so, when it comes to business - which products do you recommend?

I’m lucky, when people ask my opinion on hardware, it’s listened to, and people go ahead and purchase (bonus of being in the IT team). I’ve recently been asked for headphones and earphones for a new phone system I introduced (App based) and was wondering - which products should I suggest.

So far I’ve told people to go for Q35 and LA2P for Noise Cancelling in the office environment - do you all agree?

How can I spread the love to the rest of my company? Ideas below please!

Our main usage would be Noise Cancelling for concentration along with MS Teams and our Cloud Phone system.


You always got the powerconf from Anker that could be used. Heard some use the Strike series for meeting ( although they may have a flaw).

I would verify the use of the devices for teams and such. A lot of threads due to covid and using teams. Zoom and others and they had issues with setting stuff up… I am not sure on resolution on some.

I’d suggest the new Q35s. With the inline mic, it works well on teams.

I’ve setup a bit of a hybrid method, if you will. Use the laptop mic and wireless for the headphones. As it’s a work laptop, unable to around with the drivers to have hands free for both speaker / mic through the headset…

Pairing was easy, and with the multipoint connection working seamlessly, I can listen to my phone when not using the laptop audio.

Transparency works well, as does the anc… almost too well :wink:

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I’m glad you said that, I’ve tested the ANC and it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m not sure why people keep saying negative things about it!

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I would definitely recommend the q35 also the Liberty air 2 and air 2 pro and the power conf if you have meetings that would require it. There are also a bunch of Anker products that aren’t audio that are great for at home and at work

If you want to save a few dollars, the Q30’s are easy to recommend. They do just about everything the Q35’s do with the exception of Hi-Res wireless audio (no LDAC) and wear detection at quite a savings. I’m also happy with my LA2P’s…


I’ll create the counter argument.

There are two reasons offices exist (rather than work from home):

  1. Lack of trust from management - they think you’re going to slack if not spied on over shoulder all the time. Don’t work for these managers.

  2. Creativity, productivity increase, from co-workers hearing each other and hearing problems, thinking, and creating solutions, brain-storming. This is acknowledged by all the big and fast growing businesses - create more than the sum of your employees, empower to innovate.

So assuming its 2) and not 1) , then should not have anything in your ears with ANC as it blocks you hearing anyone.

So I’d say you need anything with ambient mode so you can hear the sound (a meeting online) and people around you.

Filtering out noise from offices is not a good thing for the business.

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