What would your dream Headphones have?

So a little bit of fun for everyone, what would you include in your dream pair of headphones if SoundCore approached you?

Having had the Q35s for a week now (and still absolutely loving them), I think I’d add the following:

  • Some form of waterproofing, even if it was just light rain.
  • Drivers to be angled to point towards the ear canal and not just flat against head.
  • Replaceable ear cups with offerings of soft, medium or firm based on what you want.
  • Replaceable head padding to allow better cleaning.
  • Neon colour range.
  • Audio sharing via NFC tap (One source but two headphones).
  • Ability to double tap noise cancelling controls to change between indoor, outdoor, transport.

What else would you have?


I think a balance control might be handy for either music that isn’t balanced or for people that might have better hearing on one side. As a side note, I’m not too sure about Neon colors. :laughing:

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Oh definitely, neon isn’t for everyone!

Balance is a good idea.

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Angled padding on the roof so the plastic doesn’t dig into skull.

Better ANC.


Multimode where it merges sounds from both so can hear two streams from separate devices concurrently

Colours: it’s irrelevant, whatever is lowest cost.


Better quality of the bracket and the pads-


I would add the noise cancelling controls for indoor, outdoor and transport definitely. I would also add hearID as that was great with the Liberty Air 2 Pros.

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Definitely replaceable earcups to future proof since I don’t like having to buy new headphones often, anc and transparency mode, multipoint connection, and no need for ldac for me since most devices can’t take advantage of it, maybe some head I’d or adjustable eq like the Soundcore ones have.


By the way : Are the pads of soundcore’s headphones replaceable?

Not by advertisement but someone on Reddit did manage to do so with the q30. I do with it was included in the user manual and that replacements were sold.

I was reading they are glued on a frame.
I found a teardown video meanwhile.
They can be taken off,
BUT because the pads are glued on this frame,
you would need replacement pads with such a frame.

Other headphones do better, the replacement is much easier.
No glue!


I hope not that would be Horrible. Replaceable and swappable earcups are such a nice feature to have especially when they are compatible with a wide variety of ear pads so you can find ones that are comfortable for each person


I saw a tear-down video of the Q30’s and he got the ear-cups off with a Lego pry-bar iirc. It looked liked they were held in place by plastic clips. I didn’t notice any glue, but I can’t say for certain there wasn’t any added.


I would definitely want replaceable cups, ideally with options for firmness. I don’t want overly squishy but at the same time, want something that will conform to the shape of my head.

Yes, I wrote these are glued to that frame.

But regarding that frame, there is no chance to replace these pads with some usual replacement pads.
There are better solutions from other companies!


All those "teardown video"s would be much more interesting to
see the “teardowner” reassembling that what he brutally “teardowned”.

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A very interesting thread: :+1: . Since you can dream it:

  1. Lifetime warranty.
  2. All the latest upgradable audio codecs.
  3. Luxurious version with piano lacquer and “Piano Black” color
  4. The shape of the earpieces is not round, but more modern - similar to an ellipse.
  5. Illuminated and smaller company logo, which is also an indicator of turning on the headphones.
    Changeable backlight color:
    white - 100% battery charge
    yellow - 40% battery
    red - 10% battery
  6. Manufactured in cooperation with Microsoft - no problems with Windows.
  7. Instead of LUM- free access to files in high quality.
  8. Comfortable, soft finish of the earcups: “the feeling of sitting in a soft, comfortable chair for the head”
  9. Instead of an airplane adapter - a dedicated sound transmitter thanks to which, after connecting, it would be possible to easily and instantly receive good quality sound from any source: TV, CD player, computer
  10. Neon colors - never, never, never: :wink:!

I feel dumb now. When I originally read your post I didn’t notice the part about getting them off. I hope you edited it after I saw it or I need better reading glasses. :laughing:


These are definitely great to have. I have 2 years old Life 2 which has been used quite a bit and would love new ear cups down the line since they do seem much more soft and easy to squeeze now vs Q35 which is definitely a little more solid feeling. Head padding is something I would love to change on Q35 as I don’t think it’s adequate enough

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As much as having the backlights, you hear a lot of threats where people do nt want to have the lights at all. (so you may want to have switchable light mode on and off) :wink:

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Good idea, options to set lights on or off. I can see benefits for that, especially if you have a partner who is sensitive to light at bedtime!

Offering those is a must! ’
What about soundcore?