What's Your Top Tip For Working From Home?

Hi everyone,

Are you working from home? Are you reading this while you put off looking at your inbox or are falling asleep in a boring online meeting? (If any of my managers are reading this, I’m not talking from personal experience, I think our meetings are the best! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) But one thing’s for certain, I bet very few of us thought we would be working from home when 2020 began.

Working from home is definitely an adjustment, so today we’re going to talk about some tech and tips to make working from home a whole lot more enjoyable.

Wakey, Wakey! Rise and Shine!
It sounds simple, but treat it like a normal workday! Set an alarm on Wakey and don’t snooze it! Get up, eat your breakfast, get ready (even if you’re shunning suits for comfy sweats and a hoodie), and grab your bag.

Congratulations, you’re ready to go to the office (aka. your kitchen table) :clap:

Make a DIY Office
One bit of advice you hear time and time again is that setting up a home office, be it a separate room or even just a designated table, helps you to get in the right mindset. If you want to take your home office setup to the next level, check out this week’s livestream here. It features some of our best tech including PowerConf and Anker’s PowerWave and PowerPad wireless chargers.

Put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign On Your Home Office Door
Ok, so maybe this one won’t work, but living with other people (or pets) can be really distracting—especially when you’re all stuck indoors 24/7. You’re definitely better off investing in a pair of Life Q20 noise-canceling headphones to block out the chaos and keep you focused on your work.

Improve Your Communication Skills
Break up the monotony of working alone at home by taking your Liberty Air 2 earbuds and calling your coworkers to talk about what meal to make from the selection of tinned goods in your kitchen, the cute things your dog does, or the bizarre content celebrities are posting on Instagram—all very important work-related topics.

Take Time to Relax
Schedule breaks and step away from your laptop! When I asked my coworkers here at Soundcore, some of the best advice they gave me was to drink “Lots of cups of tea” and to “Make sure you give yourself proper work hours and a real lunchtime.”

So, crank up the volume on Flare 2 (click the link to win one for yourself) and dance around while the kettle boils or grab your Liberty 2 Pro earbuds, sit back, and imagine you’re in the studio with your favorite artist while you eat your lunch. Don’t get crumbs on the equipment!

Get Moving!
One of the problems with working from home is that it’s so easy to sit down all day. Even if you can’t go on a walk anywhere, you could do a few laps of your backyard, follow a workout on YouTube, or even run up and down the stairs several times. And make sure you’ve got a pair of Spirit 2 sport earphones to get the motivation you need.

Now it’s your turn, what are your best work home tips? Share them in the comments below. :point_down:


Nice article, great tips!!

There are similar articles floating around on Soundcore and Anker Community, so will mix up my responses from those and post it here…

This is my home setup :point_down:

These are some of the tips, which I myself use for voice and video calls

  1. Use a nice Web Cam for meetings - with complete Work from home, it is good to see others and show yourself to other participants, try and invest in a good 720p / 1080p cam. I use a Cisco PrecisionHD 720p USB Camera (which is sadly end of sale )

  2. Be reasonable - mute yourself if not talking, let others speak and don’t jump into conversations (unless of course, you are the Manager of the team :rofl:)

  3. Don’t try tricks on participants (whole lot of trickery with the Zoom going on)… glad I use WebEx :smiley:

  4. Be early to meeting 4-5 minutes and test everything

  5. Remember to connect your charger for laptops or other equipment you need

  6. Make sure your computer and apps are up to date OR dont update it just before the meeting :smiley:

  7. Double check your home internet connection and update your VPN.

  8. Dedicate a workspace in your home that’s ergonomic, comfortable, and productive.

  9. Remove clutter or personal items in the background that might distract others… those awkward wall poster or painting or items

  10. Face a window for natural light, or use a lamp, so your team can clearly see you on video.

  11. Use Noise Cancelling Headsets with ANC – I use some from Non-Anker / Non- Soundcore and more recently the Soundcore Life Q10 & Strike 3 (prefer Strike 3 over any other ones though not with ANC but isolate noise) OR use a good Conference speaker if you have one - I use Soundcore Nano, works fantastic!

  12. Discourage others in the home (as much as possible) from doing high bandwidth activities, like streaming video. It is a tough ask now, with almost all streaming all the time being at home.

  13. Use a White Noise machine or play from PC / Smartphone to speakers :slight_smile: while not on calls, to focus on work.

  14. Soundproof your work area - great curtains, soundproof your windows, thick rugs for the room

  15. A decent monitor to have your laptop connected to, reduce strain on eyes. I have a pair of 27inch monitors, helps multi-task ( not bragging :grin:)

Look forward to seeing other great responses!!


Oh my God that’s impressive! Have you uploaded this image to the Gallery? @Hannah perhaps we should have a work-from-home photo contest? Images like these are awesome!

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sounds good to me! i wish i had a home office set up to rival this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you @Loz
Have not uploaded to Gallery, will upload it soon, was not sure if I could.

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This is my lousy simple home office.

In the morning (coffee)
In the evening a beer.

Not such a luxury one as @Shenoy has.
But he has to work with, not me, though I wrote a manual today.


You have an elegant sleek setup :+1:… Hope to get to it someday :blush:


Of course if you get chance to come to München in the future, we will meet.
(family :grinning:)

I had such a luxury desk like yours with 3 screens at the university.
Now for a pensioner there is one tiny screen enough. :laughing:

But for all other working with laptops at the moment,
Invent something so you have not to bend over the laptop like a question-mark.
Best is an external screen of course.

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My workstation suck right now. We are limited on options for a dedicated locations. I tend to work at the computer desk but find the other pc to be distracting at time.

With kids home too, they are getting their school work from some school Ipad and will kick me from my work location to use our pc for school work when needed.

Since I can not do my walks during my breaks n lunch, I will take my dogs out during breaks and lunch. I will also stand or walk down a trail in the woods for a few moments.

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If you have multiple TVs at home, may be convert one of those to Work area :slight_smile: this may help in for a while, use HDMI for a connection.


I actually got a few extra monitors that my wife’s brother-in-law brought to us but the desk is not monitor friendly (a corner desk).

As my kids get in college, I most likely get a rectangular desk and have a 2 or more then. The desk catches some overflow suck as my son’s vynal records and player. Plus as I stated if my kids school have them access a site, I don’t to have to change it back n forth.

Although it has benefits such as I can check Soundcore a lor easier as I work. lolol. :rofl:


Starting a monitor collection…heheh!
I remember at the university they changed 21" for bigger ones.
I kept those in my secret storage room, because those would have went to garbage.
I gave them often to the cleaning stuff which were working in the early morning,
same time I did.
Should be “barred” now but nevertheless shhhhhht! :joy:


Got a couple monitors and keep ram, harddrives dvd rewrites and a few others. Wife has to keep me honest or I will be a horder. lol


Got a few DS xls parts where the broke those devices and I fixed them or keep some parts to fix their other ones.


Keep those.
Now retired I know, it would have been better if I kept more stuff.
I love my 2 old LENOVO T410S
I gave them 8GB and a SSD!
Nice machines!

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I thought about taking the old pc and wipe it and get and install Linux to try it out again. It has been too long since I had it installed. If not that maybe convert it to use with my router.


Do it.
LINUX is more stable than other OS! :smiley:

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Put Linux and give them new life!

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Tell us about.
It will work perfectly on those old items.
MS and others would like to see all those old hardware in the garbage: