What's Your Top Tip For Working From Home?

How much is it? I had a friend way back give me a copy and I was thinking it was free. Well he worked for a company and I actually got a couple good software for free. (Ie Word suite) I saw a small price and thought it was for a dvd n shipping cost. I had that pc set up to where I could log on to either system. I did enjoy the look of Linuz back then as well. I am thinking that was around 1997 to 2000

I think once I got with my wife that I just stayed with Microsoft OS for her sake.

An example she wanted a new pc and did not wait for my input. Once she gave the specs, I found the same pc with double the memory and 20 dollars cheaper in about a 15 min search.

I will end up getting more memory at some point but will wait for a sell.

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Most Linux distributions are free. Linux mint is the best

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It was what I thought but good to know mint is best. I think I need to check my old software. I may still have that old copy (just to see what it was). I know I have window 98 and I think millennium as well.

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It’s probably Ubuntu. Mint is just a distribution of Ubuntu- but far superior.

If it’s for kids and you want it simple - I highly recommend the ChromeOS for turning any machine into Chromebook or CHROMEOS — Cloud ready Home Edition

All are good Andrew.:laughing:
Same kernel but different user interfaces.
The more GUI, the more resources are needed. (wasted) for that.
If there is not much memory, I would use XUBUNTU.
But there are many more.

I use MINT too, less graphical features than e.g. KUBUNTU

This weekend I tried DietPi for Raspberry Pi… cut down version…low on resource usage… Another Linux variant :star_struck:

I never played around with such Raspberries.
But a colleague at the university did and he told me a lot about.
Funny little items!

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I have media server, ad blocker, file server and legacy games player (RetroPie) on Raspberry Pi… Total 4 plus 2 more sitting free… Got LCD touchscreen for 2 of these… Need to set them up next week…

Seems you are an expert.
But I suppose the software for those has gotten better.
Years ago it was a real crap.
But now many more users and many more playing around.

And we all know “LINUXERS” are the most friendly users. :smiley:
If you have a question you will get an answer. :wink:

(Same as here!)

One of my top tips when working from home is always have breaks and keep active as your work productivity increases drastically.

@Shenoy WOW! That’s impressive - I just work from my couch! Shhh don’t tell anyone. :wink:

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@SoundcoreAdam Couch has its own comfort factor , I too work from couch once a while :innocent::shushing_face:

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couch is great!

10 minutes work -> 15 minutes nap :rofl:

NASA team is controlling the Mars Curiosity rover from home — take a look at their work from home



that’s really cool! :clap:

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I see some common ground - laptops, and a LOT of screen real estate. Hard to beat 3 or 4 screen setups.

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I like the first setup - one with lot of speakers :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:

thats soo cool

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