#WhatsApp now has 2 billion users

In earlier days, I used Yahoo chat, they Skype that allows phone calls, then Google Voice and Chat, then Facetime and Finally stuck to WhatsApp.
This is a great app and I use it everyday. We have several groups in the App very useful to chat and get in touch with each other and so on…

What App do you use to chat, or make voice/video calls?

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This has been a great app for me to talk to others on an international scale. For most day-to-day communications I use iMessage, email, and FaceTime… but when I have to talk to my international friends, I love using WhatsApp!

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True, thats the case I use it for. There is no country or continent boundaries, talk to friends in any country and not seen any issues or bugs so far.

Whatsapp is my default chat / IM client on iPhone and Windows 10 :smiley:

saves a lot of international calling charges, talking to friends all over the world

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Its a great app but non my friends use it.

So I mostly use Facebook Messenger or when I’m on an Apple Product its Facetime. Not my favorites but they work.

I also use Skype for business.

Skype for business for work. Default messengers for Apple and android devices. Messenger n facetime

I have always to remember that a “billion” is a “Milliarde” here.
There are often made errors when those “billions” becoming “Billionen” (vice versa)

“Million” = 1000 x 1000 (1000 000)
“Milliarde” = 1000 “Millionen” (1000 000 000) ( US billion )
“Billion” = 1000 “Milliarden” (1000 000 000 000) ( US trillion )

UK used to be a million million was a billion but we have adopted to the 1000 million approach (US version)

Have you not migrated to MS Teams yet?

Well I work for the state government. So we are a little slower to migrate over but I have heard here and there about the MS Teams. LOL Most likely we will probably transfer to that in the next year or so.

When we finally moved to Window 10 and Skype, they had to do some work on the programs we used as Skype and another Microsoft program was interfering with our softwares that we test, develop and support.

LOL One point we had to close out Skype to get documents to print. Fun times…

whatsapps kinda dead now… i use snapchat and insta mostly

I still haven’t gotten on board. Some family members use it, but I still stick to Google Hangouts mostly.

LOL I thought we were the slowest to get the latest hardware, OS and features. Now I feel good :grinning: