When I take off my Liberty 3 Pro after use, I experience discomfort and soreness in my ears

After using my Liberty 3 Pro for a little while, when I take them off, it almost feels like their still inside my ear in a weird way. I experience soreness and very slight pain after using them. It’s kind of like a burning feeling inside my ear canals, but it’s hard to describe. I’ve experimented with several ear wings and tips, but it doesn’t change much in terms of this issue.

I’ve only had the Liberty 3 Pro for a very short time, only a few days. So my question is, will this slight pain and soreness automatically stop appearing after I’ve used the buds more and have adapted to them? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

I also feel very very slight discomfort while their in my ears, but it’s not a big deal, it’s mostly the aftermath of using them that is a problem.

Do note I have pretty small ears. I currently use the smallest eartips and #2 earwings. I have to place the earwings slightly lower than intended on the earbuds itself, because if I don’t, the earwings won’t fit inside my ear, I don’t think this is relevant for my issue though.

Whenever I use such inears I got pains.
So I gave up and use my old Sennheiser. :slight_smile:
Those type of buds are not easy to get, so I stored some of these.
All the others are not good for me.
My old ears are not designed for those.
What you can do : Try foam plugs.
But may be your pains will disappear the more you use them.
Could be, Good luck!

Don’t have those, but feel small discomfort with any of earbuds so prefer over-ears. I think it depends on ear sensitivity

Everyone is different and each bud style has a different affect on us.

I’d suggest you return them now as you’re only going to conclude that anyway later. Discomfort will cause inflammation which causes even more discomfort.

I’d suggest entirely different approaches like over-ear Q30/Q35, or the smaller buds like the A2 NC+ or the P3.

I like the discontinued Anker Slim buds I can wear for hours with no issues. I used some Skullkandy this last week which made my right ear sore.

Typed wearing the Frames, all day comfortable nothing in the ears.

I can vouch for the foam ear tips. They are much more comfortable in my ears than the silicon tips. I don’t know if it is an allergic reaction to the silicon, or not, but my ear canals were always itchy after wearing the silicon tips.