When is SPIRIT DOT 2 expected

Any idea when the SPIRIT DOT 2 earbuds planned to release ?

@Insider ?

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I would estimate mid March.

To be honest, i gave up waiting for them. I have been waiting for these and the Spirit X2 to be released via soundcore.com since way back in October. Im just over it now since i have all the other tws earbuds to hold me over

I am waiting on these for the compact size and ear closure… hope to see it release soon

It is a good question. But I think the recent news out of china might have delayed any new production or updates, everything is shut down for the most part.

October/November 2019

Usually a Spirit Dot takes 9 months to birth a spirit period. The spirit period only takes 18 months to become a new Spirit Dot. So 27 month for a new Spirit Dot to be birthed and raised.

Oh wait you said expected and not expecting… :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink::crazy_face:

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as per the reply from soundcore regarding my email enquiry, the spirit dot 2 is expected to be sold on amazon in April

Latest update is May per recent Amazon livestream.