When Liberty Air 3 Pro?

I want to get a liberty air 2 pro but I don’t want to get it now and Soundcore drop a liberty air 3 pro with improved battery life while using the LDAC :cry:

Not sure what you mean.
But you could wait and may be your desires will get true.

We can’t talk about future products but we can talk obviously about engineering principles.

It’s not LDAC which is causing higher battery drain. It’s the bitrate. Higher bitrate requires more Bluetooth transmission and drives the electronics faster and the drivers faster so drains everything more.

While you can have a newer chipset in a bud which requires less power for any given task (Moore’s Law) you can’t do anything about the radio and sound energy. So only a marginal improvement, say 15%, would be possible, at a cost for the newer chipset.

So I suggest yes future products are going to be better but battery life can’t be significantly improved.

Are you aware of the Life P3?

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Oh! I get your explanation… Yeah, I use the Life P3 currently. Awesome piece

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Right now Soundore has the Liberty Air 2 Pro’s on sale at their site for $89.99.
Considering they are having a hard time keeping the L3P in stock, I wouldn’t expect to see a sale until after the 1st of next year. Just my 2 cents.

Thank you, but I can only get it on Aliexpress here in Nigeria… The discount is decent on Aliexpress too

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If there’s a discount in one country - I’m seeing LA2P £70 in UK ending today - means stocks are holding up out the factory so likely a discount will come to your destination soon.

As we don’t know how much demand is out there, we can’t be confident on what discounts when. There’s a lot of scare stories about supply issues so some are buying Xmas presents early so that may drain LA2P and L3P stocks faster than usual for this time of year.