When we will see liberty pro 3?

I am curious what comes next!

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  1. The correct name would be liberty 3 pro
  2. Probably not anytime soon, since the liberty 2 pro just got released
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What would you want/need from the next edition of Pro Earphones? (Without making them gimmicky)

For myself I would go for slimmer closer to the ear form fitting earbuds & various primary colour options. A physical single button is still great over multiple buttons (or touch pad button that’s not really required)

Battery life doesn’t need improving, and the wireless charging is superb

What else would you want?

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A volume control button/buttons would be great. Also aptxHD and support of other HIFI codecs would be great.

Volume buttons can already be modified via the Soundcore App

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I would like to see a dual balanced armature and maybe a 13 or 14mm driver, custom ear tips or moldable ones.


Besides tweaking the audio and fitting the next big features to add would be transparent hearing mode and possibly go a step further with ANC as well.

Would also love them to add a custom eq option in the soundcore app.

I’m pretty sure they said at the announcement for the l2p that passthrough would be added.

Yep, transparency will be added to the liberty 2 pro with a software update.


More water resistance? Listen to the revolutionary music while bathing?

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Yes! Better water resistance is a must for the next generation!

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You do of course understand that listening to music loud for a long time can damage your hearing ability?

Turn the volume down… Solved this problem within seconds, aren’t ya including your personal obsessions with IEMs? BTW capacitive touch button, bigger battery, better wireless charging and tweaked noise cancelling would add some points for recommendation. Last and the most important factor: SEARCH and FIX most problems before launch is a must? Electrical hissing and noise during music playback will become a deal breaker if it becomes wide spread.

A battery wit carbon fiber technology! Weights less, more capacity!

The developers refuse to let us know what Qualcomm chip is used but I know it’s from the 31xx family. I want to see a 51xx version, almost the same chip but HD aptX, adaptive aptX and programmable active sound canceling features that can double as a pass thru for conversations would make it the best set available as far as my research has shown.

As for the background sound issue, I bought the fixed version as soon as it was availble and have zero issue even with poweramp eq pumped up and max volume on my phone, they get wow loud but no hissing on my pair.

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We schould disassemble it and look which chip is that. Oh but that makes no difference :smiley:

I incorrectly labeled the model as 31xx, it’s actually 30xx

The differences between the chipset are all on the Qualcomm page. The 30xx chips are mostly alike with some slight variations, I doubt you would be able to determine which is which from sight alone. I’m pretty sure the only one in use by all companies that release the info is the 3020. The Tevi is the only headset I’ve found that claims it uses the 51xx chipset. Most companies don’t list it at all and you have to deduce it from the specs, whether it has TWS and ANC as well as the aptX versions.

I’m still on the fence between liberty 2 pro and a connected pair of bluetooth earphones.

Wait till December when the new revision of the L2P earphones have been produced & being sent out - the audio quality (apart from the hiss) is superb on the 1st editions

I suspect the lack of any main stream aptX HD TWS may be a technical limitation of this generation.

It’s harder to maintain a stable connection at the high bandwidth (576kpbs) used by aptX HD. There is limited space for antennas in a TWS and the second channel also has to be transmitted wirelessly to the other ear. Even chunky over-ears are reported to have some problems maintaining a stable connection in aptX HD / LDAC, especially when in congested environments such as public transport…