When will Life q40 come out

When will the life q40 over-war headphones come out and is it to compete with the likes of Sony’s Mark 4s or 5s

We don’t know here.
You could ask the support and maybe they will tell you this “secret” :laughing:

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A few other sites may have a better view of that such as reddit but admin are less likely to let that info stay on the site.

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Discussion just the other day.

Short answer is “no answer”.

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I was thinking this is basically the same thread that was just here a few days ago.

Long story short, if Soundcore hasn’t officially announced it, we can’t talk about it.

I mean I could say, I assume it will come out sooner or later, but I don’t know anything other then That. Common sense tells me eventually there will be a new model and it will probably be called the Q40 (just a guess).

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We can’t influence the date of a “Q40” but we can influence it’s specs by giving constructive inputs here on what is needed.

For me it’s build quality improvement, so less plastic more metal, or better plastic. Improved ANC. I have read the many posts on mic wired quality but I don’t use wired but hope Soundcore taken that onboard and will make better mic quality which also acts intelligently wired.

I also think it’s best to wait for a release and reviews so see if anything is a good match to needs. A watched clock ticks slower.

So that means I don’t appreciate hyped marketing, I find “coming soon” to be an insult. I’d prefer simple sharing of known specifications as they come out.

I’d prefer we get asked to confirm we want a feature, before it’s baked product, and I’d prefer voting on features given usually there’s a trade-off. e.g better sound isolation means less comfortable.

Compare what a community product release would look like:

  • we get asked what we want
  • we debate and vote
  • we get confirmation of what is baked and yet to be baked, and the design evolves.
  • we get indication of dates.

What we actually get:

  • don’t share what we know
  • it’s released.