Where are all these referrals coming from?

Wow! The leaders in the launch contest have a TON of referrals! How do you guys do it?

@TechMan @Thanuj_Fernando


I’m just a boss :man_shrugging:

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They use an army of clones.
Easy to create.

I am wondering if soundcore will see this? I’ve been grinding hard by the book. Would hate to miss out on the mystery product when rules aren’t being respected.

I dont know if those masters of the clones and trolls will recieve.
But if so, get them banished…
What I really dont like, those fellows are really proud of such a fraud.

Should lead to a real ignorance.

I can see this causing some controversy going forward


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Anker can identify if accounts are being referred from the same IP address, so this cant happen. I promise you all my referrals are legit.

Dood. I could mask an IP address when I was like 5.

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Same IP addressees are not a certainty of cheating, I referred several colleagues who completed referrals at work during lunch / breaks…we only have one external IP address…

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Oh, they might never heard of a simple disguise of an IP.

It is really really very hard / tough to get people to sign-ups, so much that I have almost stopped… Have sent out messages over WhatsApp, had a friends party and spoke to them yesterday night… very few agree to signup…

This may be the last time I might ever ask people to signup in a contest :smile: … ( Though never say never)

Lol yeah I know you can mask an IP, but most people don’t know how.

You can think I cheated if you want- I don’t care

Not a mystery product anymore :wink:

No doubt there will be a way of completing some due diligence (if they do) depending on what information the submit page collects such as IP, PC name, MAC addresses etc etc

Didnt say you cheated. Quite careful to avoid that.

Thank you. Literally any vpn does this. Or hell, ipconfig /release then /renew in cmd. I would hope they would watch for that, but it is REALLY hard to keep anyone from using a VPN to send their ip over and keep them from tracking it.

Well, you’re in the top 10 with a fairly solid lead over 11th, so I think you have a decent chance of placing still.

I’m still concerned that I might not stay in top 10 though :flushed:. I’m concerned that a bunch of huge you tubers will come in tomorrow or something and get like 1000+ referrals each haha

Wow… Last time I saw was on 8th … now 10th… So we need to be within 250 to win the random prizes?

No no no no no.

  1. You’re number 9th, not 10th

  2. Prizes are given based on what place you’re on, they’re not random as with anker. So 1st place will get the $1000 giftcard, 2nd gets the $900 etc. This is in coherence with the soundcore philosophy that prizes should be rewarded based on what you do, and should be guaranteed rather than random.

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Is it ending on the 30th at 11:59:59 or 00:00:00

I am confused about what is going here,
My referrals are mostly acquired by sending my referral link (via social media) to my friends who own/interested in Soundcore/Anker Products. Some do send my referral link to their friends to join as well. The rest of the referrals I have acquired is by meeting with my friends (closeish) and teaching them how sign up :man_facepalming:.