Where are all these referrals coming from?

I’m sorry but this is getting a bit ridiculous, look at the top 3 vying for the number 1 spot and you can see their amount go up daily.

As I said before it’s easy for people to sit there and bot accounts if they are not being held accountable, not saying that’s what the top 3 users are doing…but really between the 3 of them they have over 170 sign ups give or take a few. Yet aside from the linus contest who has posted?

It’s just ridiculous the amount each one jumps when one gets closer to their number. And as @ndalby and @gANKstER said they should change the requirements going forward to prevent these issues

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@Tank I have to agree, nothing wrong with referrals (word of mouth, social media etc) but whats the point of getting loads to join if they never post? Yes, some of the points jumping could be due to purchase referrals but judging on the ‘user’ numbers growing it appears a lot could still be coming from account creation…IMO

As I think we’ve both mentioned since the first week, chances are the points systems / rules will end up being jiggled going forward to counter this sort of rapid ascending up the levels and/or dominance of referrals / competitions etc etc…

I haven’t been able to yet anyone to sign up in days :raised_hands:t2:

I am getting these hits mostly from the postings on twitter and instagram hits, been retweeting multiple times plus the deals. Have been asking for changes to the leaderboard multiple times, and believe there are anti-cheat software already implemented by Anker / Soundcore so shouldnt be a big thing.

Not sure about the bot thing, only people who may have done the bot thing may know more about it.

But I fully agree on changing the requirements and an opponent for the change!

I’d like to completely get rid of referrals. Or at least make it so you only get notes, and no points. This makes it more fair in the monthly contest…


Have created a Poll … fee free to vote and let us help Soundcore Crew decide on what is the best

As they are wanting to grow the community I don’t foresee any big changes under referrals in the short term, the lure of prizes pull in new members and create a sense of competition…always has and no doubt always will…but will be interesting to see where the SC crew go with this…

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This is probably one of the routes :point_down:

eventually it will be what we have at Anker Community…

Botting would not be so much as writing a script out for a bot, but creating bot accounts. VPN + free email is all that is needed for that. Gmail caps you on the amount of accounts you can have per phone number, so other free services would be used and there is nothing more than just using a browser like DuckDuckGo to mask anything being sent (chrome/any other browsers private browsing does not do this) and the referrals can be infinite. That or creating a VM and doing the same thing as it would create a new profile (MAC, IP, etc) for it.

IP tracking is not really a thing because you can easily change it in CMD

DuckDuckGo blocks cookies from being tracked

GDPR keeps a lot of sites from being able to retain the data without your approval, so minimal is taken on most cases.

It all comes down to what Soundcore added themselves. The site is ran off of Discourse, so it is open source and the API. If you inspect the page element, there are plenty of things in there that they can use for tracking purposes, but going through each account for discrepancies is probably not high up on the list right now when they are getting the site going/dealing with the current issues with coupons/everything else, as well as the huge influx of users from the Linus Tech Tips giveaway.


Good news I just heard I have 3000 second cousins interested in signing up :joy:

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Don’t give up yet, still plenty of time left :muscle:t2:

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You will make it!!!

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Without referrals, and the different gallery/ thread post of the weeks, there are about 50 points a day you could get. ( share a gallery photo on social media-10 p, share a photo-10 points, share a thread- 10 p, 2 create a thread- 10 p, 5 comments at 2 p for 10 total). That averages to 1500 per months but a more real number would be about 900(minus gallery pic n sharing) I have been blessed with a large extended family 12 aunts n uncles n 6 siblings, wife with 12 aunts n uncles and a work family who owes me ( and have barely touched them) and like @Shenoy I think I could get a couple of people that I follow to post my link if I wanted to on their streams. With that said I heard others state about wanting to get members more active. I do not think changing the products will increase that as it could still be the same folks. I think you can keep the prizes but redo how you qualify for them. You do not qualify for the prizes by gaining the top 10 in points but maybe get qualified for being active on the site. Then a drawing can be done for those active members and will increase the number of qualified to win

I have given up because I know I will never make it on that leaderboard.


Yup, and look at it now from.the screenshot I posted above…yet again an influx of created accounts

Same here bro! That’s not for me :roll_eyes: never going to make it to the leaderboard.

How is that happening? You just tweet a post from here to twitter? I did that few times and no difference in my balance

You made it to the leaderboard buddy ! Congrats :+1:

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Did I?
If so ,I dont know why.
But I see I am not.

You were number 10, but it looks like @k_pug2003 took your spot…