Where are" my likes" gone?

Nobody likes me anymore.
There are no “likes” visible.
What can I do?

Lamento the whole next week! :joy:


I’m not sure why your likes are gone, but I would be happy to help you build them back up.

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I know, but to build these back it would need an eternity! :rofl:


They are back now.
I was afraid those got stolen by “big brother”.

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I’m not sure what happened, but mine are gone too.

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Very good, glad they are back!:+1:

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Wait, be patient.
Whenever someone got liked this will not disappear so fast.

Should be usual maintenance to create more issues! :joy:

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So you al have seen likes or similar just disappear from the site?

@Chiquinho All your likes are still in place :blush:

It’s not really that important to me, but it would be nice to have them back.

@Chiquinho everyone likes you, it’s me they dont like…or @TechMan

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Oi, if anyone is the imliked it’s me… No.more

Thunderbolt n lightning, very very frightening
:zipper_mouth_face: P A R A N O I A :zipper_mouth_face:

even Anker n soundcore ignore me

You three are very liked people


Says the guy with the most likes received :rofl:

I like you! I just dont always click the heart button. :heart:

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Now it gets interesting.

Who likes whom?
Or better, why one is more liked than another?
Or if you like somebody why dont you click the heart button? :hearts:


I can answer that one… everyone likes you!

you are on the top of the chart this week :clap:


Do you like me?

I am too shy to tell you! :shushing_face::kissing_heart:

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How did you find that list?

Open the menu and hit the users tab

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