Where do you use your headphones?

I’m curious how many people use their headphones for the gym, in the office, or just around the house for different odds and ends? And do you have different sets for different needs?

I have a pair at home by my bed that I can use if I want to watch something after my wife goes to sleep. Then I have a pair in my backpack that I use if I’m traveling, at the gym, or working in the yard at home. And with my new Pro 2s, I will have them at the office to block out distractions and work on videos.

So what about you guys?

The liberty neos stay on me, in my pocket for use wherever I am. I have the Life 2 next to my recliner, I have the liberty air in the front office next to the laptop, the liberty + is next to my bed for listening while I fall asleep. The Spirit X is in my workout bag, the arc is in my backpack for use when on the go and I will be making more phone calls than listening to music.

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All of the above :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Same here!


I have the NB10’s paired with my smartwatch so I can listen to music on my runs without carrying my phone, but until the new Liberty 2 Pro’s arrive (this week I hope) I begrudgingly use an LG Tone for hands-free calls while driving or climbing on and around rooftops for work. I’m very much looking forward to the quality upgrade to the Liberty 2 Pro from the Tone.

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My Spirit X have been used in all situations gym, running, work and chill out in the garden (even tried and tested in the bath and while swimming), the Life 2 are mainly for CD and Hi-Res audio playback at my desk…with a mixture of other models and brands in the mix as well :wink:

Before I got retired I used them daily in the sub.
Now sometimes when using trolley or sub.

Work and gym mainly.

But have used often at home when I’m wanting to watch / listen to other things instead of soaps / “say yes to the dress” :joy::joy::joy:


I use to pair my earbuds to my watch and use Spotify to listen to music, but when I did that my battery would die so fast that I had to recharge it every night. It’s a pain cause before I would just charge my watch once every 3 days, And having to do it daily was just too much.

Who is watching soaps at home? :rofl::rofl:

The girlfriend - maybe I need to have a word with her.

I would rather watch an actual bar of soap or even paint dry :joy:

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As long those “soaps” don’t happen in your real life its good!

No but would make life a lot more interesting - that’s for sure.

Dont think so,
I had enough such “soaps” in my youth.
This is the reason I got white haired soon. :rofl:

Mostly for running. But I also have a pair by my desks at work and home for music while there.

I use my Spirit X while running, at the gym, and cutting grass/yard work. I have a wired pair of headphones that I use to listen to Spotify all day at work.

I carry a pair of true wireless with me all the time (unless I forget it) and I use those for almost everything. When at the gym and I need to block out those around me, I use my Space NC or another pair of over the ears I have. As a backup I carry a pair of Spirit X and Spirits in my gym bag that are always charged so If my other earbuds or headphones batteries run out I can still have tunes.

When I’m out walking/running/hiking I ware my wireless or Spirit X. With these I can still hear what’s going around me.

I also use my Space NC when playing video games, listening music, or watching movies late at night and don’t wake the wife.

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I almost never use headphones…

My watch is a Fitbit Ionic, which lasts almost a week between charges. I was worried about killing it like you say, but so far there’s been no measurable decline in battery life. You likely run a lot more often and farther than me though, so it may not be an accurate comparison really :slight_smile:

I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 watch, and I havnt run for 3 months since I tore my meniscus. But I tried it again last night while at work and my battery life went down about a quarter the way. So I guess I can use it this way. The key for me was to turn off notifications on my watch which went off all the time, so I think that’s why my battery life disnt last long