Where is support?

Re Flare speakers

Trying to connect my new phone to speakers. Absolutely no luck. Why is it this difficult? It should be easy & straightforward but no.


  • Phone BT (Bluetooth) enabled

  • Pressed the BT button on speaker once. Flashing. Nothing. No connection. Zip.
    Tried manual scan with BT on phone. Nothing.

  • Press & hold BT button on speaker, fast double flashing. Nothing.
    Tried manual scan with BT on phone. Still nothing.

  • Tried using Soundcore app to connect. Nothing.
    Tried connecting manually with Soundcore app. And still… Nothing.

It shouldn’t matter if they were previously connected to another phone. Either the speakers should connect to multiple devices, or if they can only connect to 1 device, they should overwrite the connection data.

I have visual & mobility issues & certainly, judging by the lack of progress so far, won’t be recommending Anker/Soundcore to the groups/forums that I attend/ curate. It’s a shame, as I was really impressed at first. How time changes things.
Updated review coming: great sound, lousy UI & connection, Support lacking (let’s see if today is any better than last time). Restore my faith, please.

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What type of speaker are you talking about?
You should delete the speaker from all other devices first.
Then try a connection again?

I would suggest to reset speaker. Then try to pair with your new phone.
Naming model of your speaker would be helpful

The type of Flare would be helpful

Based on what info it sounds like a Flare 2.

If a Flare 2 what was the color of the BT light. You said a fast light which sound more like the Partycast feature.

So click once and should here the connection sound and light still blue. Should then find on phone BT and connected to it and app.if the light is white it is more connecting speakers together.

@calvincamel Hi, I am sorry to learn about the issue with your Soundcore Flare. In this case, please try to Hold the “BassUP” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 8S at the same time to reset to see if it helps at all.

No worry, if the issue still persists, please feel free to drop an email to "service@soundcore.com" by detailing the issue and the order information, Soundcore technical support will take care of your case to claim the warranty for you within 24hrs.


Ask and you ahall receive. @anny.peng is a Crew Member.

Hope to hear back on how things went with the suggestions provided, so others can benefit too :slightly_smiling_face: