Where is the promised Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Black Friday Discount?

You could always contact Service@soundcore.com and see what they tell you about the discount. Never know what they may do for you

I tried, they just said the only have whatever discounts are on the site …

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I still don’t understand why you just didn’t but it when it was released and available at a discounted price? It seems like now that stock is low and it’s not being discounted you are looking for someone to blame because you didn’t buy it when you could of at a discount.

Before you ask, I don’t in any way, shape, or form work for Soundcore.


The early bird catches the worm. :smile:


I didn’t buy as they said it would be the same price on black friday, and I wanted to see real world reviews.
I’m entitled to do that. And there is no “blame” for my decision to not buy at the time.

They advertised a price for black friday, but then didn’t sell it at that price.
There is a blame in that, and to me, is very dishonorable for a company to do that.

“Lying Through One’s Teeth”
“Pulled The Wool Over Our Eye’s”
“Pull A Fast One”
“Monkey Business”
“Full Of Hot Air”
“To Blow Smoke”

I can quote some idioms to describe Anker too :laughing:

Do you have a link where Soundcore Guaranteed the L3P would be on sale on Black Friday?

I remember it went something like, don’t worry it won’t be lower that the release special on Black Friday, not a guarantee that it would be on sale.

Common sense along with the Law of Supply and demand tells you something in high demand, with low stock won’t be on sale. I’m not sure what you don’t understand about that?

I do understand that you may be upset about a Black Friday discount but I personally do not remember one stated specifically for the Liberty 3 Pro but I was not currently seeking the 3s at this time. I will say I am in the US and from other comments, you are in the UK area and those prices may be different offerings.

If you can point me to the information that you are talking about their price for Black Friday. (Was it on the community, on social media or an article)

I would assume if you presented that price and the copy of the picture or article with that stated price they would hopefully honor it.

I know that most companies do not offer those discounts if it is a hot item or fairly new during a high volume sale event. The frames came out close to the L3P and the Frames did not have a discount either. I have been looking for the PS 5 for a while and never saw those go down in price yet.

I am just wondering if it was just how it may have been worded. (Could have been something like come back for some Black Friday deals and grab some L3Pros) If it is worded like this then I can see the potential to see it either way.

There is always the option to stay on the community and level up a few and gain some notes to then exchange for coupons although this is more of a long play.

So good luck and I wish I had some information of seeing a sale for the L3Pros.

I remember seeing it and from memory it was a sentence like “same price as on Black Friday” but Soundcore absolutely has the right to change their mind as if they find it is selling well without a discount then why can’t they be rewarded by a good well reviewed product selling better than they thought? They have to be in control of their own pricing. Our only decision is to buy or not.

Eventually there will be a discount, probably when demand has fallen, which with the media reporting shortages is probably going to be new year as people are buying now due to FOMO.

For products I am interested in, I do track their prices and I do make screenshots when I post in Deals section to build a historical record, to know if a deal is new low or not. I just didn’t screenshot the L3P launch price screen as was never intending to buy it.

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