Where should I post my Flare new Review?

Where should I post my Flare new Review?

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I would think the reviews section would be a safe bet :thinking:

Or you could upload it to your review section in your profile, if it meets the criteria set by the Soundcore team…


If I upload the review into the Review profile section which will create a private review. Can I also submit the same review to the public via review forum.

Until things are sorted out with the private review section as mentioned here, I would stick to putting them in the normal reviews or the gallery sections…if you meet the criteria for posting in the private review tab such as your review link being on Soundcore.com or Amazon.com etc I can’t see why there would be an issue posting there as well.

Perhaps @Loz can confirm?


If you’d like to upload a review to the Review section of your profile and here in the Conversations or Gallery area you are completely welcome to do that :slight_smile:

While you’re on here… Who won this week’s best of?

I have t seen anything since last week.

@Macblank I think your getting ahead of yourself as it was just posted 4 days ago for last weeks winner and this weeks should be posted on Monday.

Ah, sounds about right.

All the extra running around.im doing for Jane since her cancer op, I’m not always sure of the day or week! lol

I’m having to check calender every day to check if I got stuff to do etc.