Which car has the best sounding radio

With the advancement of cars, one thing that was often looked over was the car stereo. Personally, I listen to a large part of the music I listen to daily in my car. Be it commuting to and from work or just running errands, it is something I actually look forward to solely because of my cars rario. What vehicle that you have been in sports the beat radio, be it stock or a premium upgrade?

My old Volkswagen has an old radio only.
So I sing by myself!

The crazy thing is that I could not tell you as I have had about 4 cars in my life time. I had a Grand Am in the early 90s that did have a decent bass system in it. I went to a Frontier after that was hit, and I installed a newer system in it and some more speakers, Then had two other vehicles. With 3 of the vehicles lasting an average of 10 yrs, I guess I suck at this LOL I would like to get a vehicle that had a Bose system in it.

I used to work on those old VWs with my neighbor who owned a VW service garage. There’s hardly even any room in a Beetle’s dash for even a radio at the center console…only what is needed is the car’s ultimate design.

BTW, are you in the market for a radiator cap for that old Beetle? :wink:

No “Käfer” beetle.
This is an antiquity meanwhile here too.