Which is better Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro or Soundcore Liberty air 2 pro?

I’ve been eyeing on two total wireless earbuds lately and I have no idea which one to pick. It is between the Liberty 2 Pro and the Library air 2 pro total wireless earbuds. I have no idea which one to pick so if you guys could help me find out which one is better than the other it would help a lot with my purchase. I will provide pictures incase I get the names mixed up.

All I know is that the Liberty 2 Pro has more battery life were as the Air 2 pro have active noise cancellation. I know that they both have access to the soundcore app and you get to edit their button/touch controls which are an absolutely amazing feature and I know that they are both able to wirelessly charge which is an amazing feature.

I also want to know which one is more pocket friendly and if there are any sort of audio hiss coming from these earbuds? Oh! And I also want to know which one is more comfortable in the ears?

Lastly, if you found an answer for this topic could you guys please tell me what you like about your choice? Even if you have different earbuds from these two I’d like to know incase there are other options.

Thank you Soundcore community :slight_smile:

Edited on March 30th
OKAY! Yesterday I bought the Liberty 2 pro from Amazon and today it was delivered. I used them for 3 hours and fell in love with these earbuds and was an amazing choice. Even though I haven’t tried the Library air 2 pro I do believe that they are a good pair as well but I really love Liberty 2 pro thank you so much Soundcore community.

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I do have both (I have l2p and I gave wife Liberty air 2 pro).
I will say it would be hard to compare as it is like comparing apple to oranges. (In ear or airpod like and so on) With that said you can not go wrong with either.

In the past the L2P did have a hiss but that should be resolved.

Case are near in size and in a pocket about the same. I will suggest to keep in shirt pocket. If pants are tight the slider can move.


2 months ago, I was also wondering about it. After reading other people’s reviews, I opted for the Liberty 2 Pro. And I am very pleased. My priority in choosing was the sound quality. And with these headphones I was very positively surprised by the sound quality. They have beautiful, dynamic, strong bass and clear soprano. I don’t know if you paid attention to it, but Liberty 2 Pro also have the aptx codec (Liberty Air 2 Pro doesn’t have it). I do not hear any hiss and similar disturbances in the headphones.
At medium volume level, you can hardly hear any outside sounds (ANC would be completely unnecessary in my opinion). They stick very well in my ears - very rarely (maybe twice in two months) they fell out of my ear.
For a woman, girl, daughter, I wouldn’t buy them because of their looks.
Women pay a lot of attention to it, and Liberty Air 2 Pro is definitely nicer, more elegant. The promotional prices of the Liberty 2 Pro Liberty Air 2 Pro are almost the same, which is around $ 100; € 100.
This is my opinion, owner of the Liberty 2 Pro only.


Reading your comment helped out a lot I will be picking the Liberty 2 pro thank you so much

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I hope,
that you will be satisfied when you buy them.
I use them almost every day and I am delighted.:+1:t2:
I did not think that such small headphones could sound so good.

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It’s good to discuss prior to purchase.

A reminder that the L2P is well reviewed and liked product, so you won’t regret the quality, but it is now an 18 month old released product, so balance purchase, the price you pay, with the possibility soon there will be something better along. Normally you’d be factoring there is an active deep discount as mature products have most bugs fixed, usually lower cost than a newer product untested unreviewed and a higher price.

Just don’t say in a month’s time “but I just bought …”

We still don’t know what these were/are https://fccid.io/2AOKB-A3930R can’t be the Dot XR as that’s just a larger battery not needing FCC approval, so it’s something else….

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I’m not sure on air 2 pro but I’ve had the liberty 2… then bunch if others jabra 65t then elite active 75t… Sony 1000xm3…sennheiser momentum 1st gen… jaybird vista…galaxy buds plus… jaybird run xt… bunch of others lower end like skullcandy sesh fiil t1 xs … votomy v22… there is not a single one of those that sound as good or get as loud as the liberty 2 pro…v22 might get as loud but don’t sound good… but these things still blow me away and I use em daily other then Sundays which are my days off and i wear em 6 to 10 hrs a day out walkin 8 to 12 miles a day in 95 degree heat or minus 30 with facemask and hat over em… got em in dec 2019 and they have given me no issues… but again the sound is second to none in my opinion and add in the app the battery life wireless charging able to use either bud and all the tips and wings to get great seal … and to get em like I did for 109.99 after spendin upwards of 300 these are the best of the best… but for me… its all about the sound and volume level… these 2 things there is nothing that compares to them the liberty 2 pro are the best


I have both, and the sound from the liberty 2 pros I like better and also with them the passive noise cancellation is great.

However, the fit on the liberty air 2 pros feels a lot more secure, and the sound is equally impressive.

What tips the scales, for me , in favor of the liberty 2 pros, is the battery life. About an hour to an hour and a half better.


In Poland, in addition, Liberty Air 2 Pro is not worth buying at all, because they cost about PLN 600. Liberty 2 Pro, on the other hand, cost about PLN 420