Which music Genre should they make badges for?

A lot of the dance genres can be slimmed down.

Hardcore techno… might as well techno/hardcore

See what I mean?

Clubland/hardcore/euphoric/trance as an example.

Jazz I know has a couple different types, but all jazz!

whats done is done, there are 2 polls posted above so if you want go ahead and refine your choices

What? No polka?!?! :laughing::laughing:

Thanks for adding bluegrass! Lotta people voted for it already :+1:t2:

Just voted

Polka is Bohemian dance so it’s belongs to the Dance Genre…yup dance is included above

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No nerdcore??? I am offended. lol

Technically that’s part of hip hop genre

And dubstep is part of EDM :face_with_monocle:

Come on yall, quit nitpicking and vote. Sorry I didnt include every Genre or sub genre.

Hahaha thanks @Tank for all the work you put in and criticism you have take for this.

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Opera for our friend Ludwig van Franz @Chiquinho


Ja ja!
The Opera, the opera we are all like the opera!

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I like Swing Music and the Big Band music as well. Something about it that just makes you want to get up and move

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Ja, now listing to Glenn Miller, sometimes another genre is needed beside classics and opera! :joy:

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Now you know I had to add swing music, it’s in the second set of votes

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Are you sure all the youngsters :wink: here know about real swing music

For example I really never heard of some genres you have listed.
But this doesnt matter! :joy:

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Whether they k ow or not, once they listen to it they will fall in love with it

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Hope this will happen to real operas too when listening to.
The should start with Verdi : La Traviata!

Wow, we sure do have an eclectic group on here


You know this very exclusive club from ANKER’s forum.
You will like it to be with us here too! :wink: