Which True Wireless Earbuds Should I Buy? - A Liberty Review

As you guys know, back in 2017 we launched the world’s first zero-compromise true wireless earbuds on Kickstarter with Liberty+ and, thanks to your support, managed to raise almost $3mil.

This initial Kickstarter experiment became the inspiration for Liberty Neo (left) and Liberty Air (right), which, when combined, have almost 2000 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of around 4 stars, so chances are they need no introduction with you. But, despite their slight differences in price, what else separates these two high-quality, low-priced, truly wireless earbuds?

Well, we thought we’d answer that with a quick ‘vs. review’.

When it comes to sound quality, you know we like to give you a lot of bang for your buck, so despite their low-price points, neither of these will disappoint when it comes to listening pleasure. Both come with expertly-tuned, graphene-enhanced sound. Android Police described Liberty Neo as “finally bringing decent audio” to low price earbuds, while CNET have described Liberty Air as being “half the price of Apple’s AirPods and sound as good or better”.

Besides sound, these earbuds are equally matched when it comes to playtime, with both of them boasting 20-hours worth of audio listening enjoyment (with case included).

Getting down to it then, where are the real differences?

When it comes to choosing your completely wireless earbuds other key aspects are comfort and context of use.

Although Liberty Neo and Liberty Air have relatively neutral shapes and come with a variety of earbuds to fit the shape of your ears, Liberty Neo has a slight edge for the gym-goers among us. This is because both have IPX waterproof ratings, but Liberty Neo has a superior rating of IPX7, making it slightly better suited for your workout. Still, with Liberty Air’s IPX5 rating I definitely wouldn’t write it off.

For Liberty Air, the edge it has over Liberty Neo concerns its dual mics with uplink noise cancellation, making these more suited for those with busy lifestyles, wanting to make calls on the go.

With that, I wanna hand it off to you guys! Which is your go-to true wireless set of earbuds? What do you love about true wireless earbuds? What do you dislike? What can we improve on in our future generations? As always, let us know in the comments below.

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Having the Liberty +, air and the neos…I can honestly say that fitment and sound quality is where it’s at and needs to be.
Everyone’s ears are shaped differently so by having adjustability between the wings and ear tips go a long way…but please start adding comply foam tips as many people prefer that to silicone ear tips.

Sound quality is good, but can be better if you are able to cover more range with the speakers. These all seem to cater to midrange frequencies but leave out the low end and or overproduce the highs.


I have been having some intermittent issues with the Neos. Also I think the phone call quality is better with the airs though I have not gotten my hands on them yet. All things being equal, I think the airs are the way to go for a new user getting a set of truly wireless earbuds.

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The liberty airs are horrible for phone calls, the neos definitely do a better job than the air.

Interesting! I’ve heard someone say the same thing, but the reviews on the Neo’s are so good, I wondered if it was a fluke. Still want to try some of the Airpod-esque form factor headphones from Soundcore–I have pairs from TaoTronics and Soundpeats, and both do a so-so job when it comes to call quality, which is a big deal for me.


Really? I guess no onehas a good truly wireless phone call set up yet :frowning:

I did do a review of the liberty neos here where I actually recorded the whole video from the neos:

The sound quality here is fine, but I haven’t had great feedback from people on the other end of calls.


I had better response from the neos than I did with the liberty air. I initially only talked to my wife using the liberty air and she didnt notice anything but many others said I sounded horrible. The liberty neos though, some users said they didnt even realize I was using a headset. So to me that is much better than the airs

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Conflicting information, interesting…

We’ll pass this onto our engineers for sure! Hopefully we’ll have them on here soon enough, so they can respond to your feedback directly :wink:

Thanks a lot for the video! Have you uploaded this to the Gallery for some extra points?

I think the other thing to remember is that third-party brands like ours are creating products to try and best fit the majority of devices, so whilst one person’s device might work really well, another may not and vice versa. It’s difficult to cater for everyone and it explains the mixed feedback we’re seeing in that area.

I’m not quite sure how it does…

I have some suggestions that aren’t necessarily for earbuds, but also for speakers. Enjoy!

  1. APTX HD. (Different from regular aptX)

  2. Better bass. I know that most soundcore products have “bassup” but I think most of us can agree this is more of a marketing scheme than actual functionality. No soundcore product as the same type of deep beautiful bass that you get on higher end brands.

  3. Full waterproof, and floating. By this a mean a speaker that can actually float in the pool (or lake) and still play music regularly. It would need some sort of “boat” on the bottom to keep the speakers out of water.

  4. Earbuds pass through. Soundcore might have 1-2 products with this (can’t remember) but most of there earbuds/headsets really should have them. It’s a very useful feature

  5. Wireless charging. This would mainly be for true wireless earbuds. Happily it seems that anker might actually be adding this soon!

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The Neos are very quiet.

I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of the neos since I have a competitor brand similar to the liberty air. I want something a little more hidden the neos may fit my needs.

Great review ! Thanks for taking the time to do it.

Good reviews, I’m actually looking for some nice true wireless earbuds. APTX HD would be a huge plus in the soundcore products. Sound Quality and Connectivity are the two major concerns i think all of us have.

Interesting! We’ll let the engineers know!

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