Which True Wireless Earbuds Should I Buy? - A Liberty Review

I have to disagree, the neos are not quite at all. But if you dont get a good seal with the ear tips any earbuds would be quiet. Also if your using a iphone or android there are settings available that make them much louder

I’ll try see what I can do but i’m just comparing them to other ones I have without changing any special settings.

Liberty Air

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I was wondering are they putting new firmware updates for the Liberty +


thanks for sharing!

I have both Liberty Air and Neo 2
Neo 2 wins hands down in sound quality and fit/feel

I have and use the Liberty Neo and am very happy with everything about them…except for the volume level; they just don’t seem to get very loud. The volume level is adequate for my taste most of the time but this requires them to pretty much be set to almost 100% with not much headroom to spare. :thinking:

I bet @TheCharneco could fix it!

@Chiquinho & @TechMan, Sure can! Give me a few minutes. I need to get my coffee first…

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What phone are you using? If it’s Android then enable developer settings and Enable/disable absolute volume which should increase volume. If your iOS then go to settings–>music and then de-select the “sound check” , which should increase the volume significantly

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I don’t have that much time to try and get rid of the blue dots, but I hope this helps.


iPhone 5s & iPad mini 4 and I have already done that. I also have three (?) different Anker/Soundcore Bluetooth earbuds (Neo are my only true wireless) and maximum Bluetooth volume on all seem to be lower than anything wired (Apple EarPods). The Neos seem to be lower in max volume than the Bluetooth wireless with the exact same settings on any device.

They are also well sealed in my ears so that isn’t the issue.

I’m also nowhere near being deaf/hard of hearing, in fact my hearing can be described as being too sensitive since I wear earplugs at work constantly, even though I’m not in a very loud environment. Things can be very loud for my ears but fine for my GF’s ears.

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad but I’d expect them to be a bit louder.

Sorry I couldnt be more help

Thanks Tank…I suppose it is what it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

I should also mention that these Neo’s I have are the Neo 2 model (“Upgraded 2019” according to Amazon) that I can now mention since they have been released and are out of beta.

I do have a question though…what is your opinion/experience with wired vs Bluetooth earbuds? Are the Bluetooth lower in volume overall than wired?

Those blue dots are my special smell traces! :rofl:


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