Who knows Arturo Marquez?

I know this fantastic piece of music and Sr. Dudamel as a great conductor of
this famous orchestra.,Simon Bolivar.
All artists with such a passion.
Its a pleasure to watch them!

And here is another one :

But the composer?
You could take a look

When I take a look from my window I see a lot of snow.
So this kind of music gives me some “warmer feelings”
(Have to get some more wood for my tile stove from outside…brrrr) :laughing:


I didn’t know him until I saw this thread. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

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I created some threads about classical music in the past.
Seems there are still some regulars here who like take a look at and and enjoy these.
So I can do this in the future if you don’t mind.
I have so many ideas, may be too many! :laughing:

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