Who's Ready For A New Era in Sound?

We’ll be live right here at 3:55 PM EDT!

See you then :smiley:


I’m ready

It’d better be worth all the hype :slight_smile:

Ready and waiting

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I’m ready!!

The wait is killing me!! Come on!! Let’s go, Soundcore!!

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Is it running late?? Just got back from bathing the kids and nothing seems to have started on my youtube?!?

Can’t wait :yum:

Delayed until 4:10 folks. Get your snacks ready.

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4:15 now :yum:

1 minute. Get ready

How much longer are they going to WAIT​:watch::clock1:?

Might just need to wait for Jabra 75t if this lags on any longer😢

Couldn’t help but make it more suspenseful huh!?

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#lossinginterest You think they were dropping latest iPhone.

Aww, stop reminding me I missed it…

Sweet! So exciting!

Can’t watch, at work :frowning:

I went in to work early to get off in time to watch