Who's Ready For A New Era in Sound?

I’m super excited about these, my favorite from specs is the Pro 2 and the Spirit X2.


Enjoyed the launch. Hard to choose which true wireless version to go for.

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So how do we preorder the liberty 2’s?

@Loz, did you see all the Chuck Norris references we were making with your name instead of Chuck Norris during the YouTube Live Stream? Some were amazing. After all, you are the man, the myth, the legend named Loz! :wink:

Thanks for an awesome show and letting us all be part of this great product launch!


Check it out here, pre-order starts on September 26th :alarm_clock:

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@Hannah pre-order value was with 35% discount (refer below)


Why has this been changed… The link now shows 34% (… though it is only 1% why the deviation??

All mention of price and discounts need to be uniform, across all places… Hope this does not deviate further

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@Loz are we able to use our coupons to help purchase these?

That’s an awesome idea! 500 notes and they’re free… but you have to get that many during the early bird phase hahah

That would be awesome, but crazy hard to do. At best we pay half of the price if we are allowed to use them

I missed the stream :frowning:

Enjoyed the launch (the bits I saw, don’t ask), so hope we get to see many more on here!

The Pro 2 have my mouth watering, when are we likely to see them in the UK?

It would be awesome for yall if they did a global release

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Really want to try the new liberty 2’s looks really improved.

I guess we cant use a coupon because it’s not instant when you try to trade in points. It takes 1 to 3 days and they send the coupon to your email. Such a shame, I just wasted my notes on a coupon in hope’s I could use it for this prerelease

That’s messed up. Maybe soundcore will make an exception due to the circumstances.

You can always put them towards an icon+ :man_shrugging:. Or at least the preorder discount

If it comes on time I can apply it for a discount. But just have to wait and hope they dont sell out

Or hope that you make it into the top 10, and hope they the mystery gift is the liberty 2 pro :man_shrugging:

Or maybe you’ll win the 24hr giveaway contest…

Edit: my bad, they’re already been announced. Somehow missed it

:sob: stop making it worse. I doubt that will be a mystery prize and I gave up hope on winning. I havnt won anything aside from the wall plug on powerdraw, in almost a year

:grimacing:. What do you think the prize will be?

I can’t even speculate, my mind has been on these earbuds since the launch event. And the Spirit x 2