Why do we need to change the clocks?


This the time of year we are forced, many reluctantly to change our body clock to suit man’s artificial control of nature.

Without the clock we’d wake at dawn and sleepy at night, have 10 hours sleep in winter and less in summer.

How do you handle it?

If I need to force myself to sleep earlier I listen to white noise, certain voices seem to naturally send me to sleep. If I need to stay awake, simply a vigorous exercise in nature does it for, and I don’t listen to anything as I don’t want to be hit by someone while a thing in my ear drowns out the vehicle’s sound about to hit me…

Will not close this thread as there was a slight reference to white noise but will let it stay open. :wink:

If you had a wakey, you’d be all set :wink:

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For nothing!

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Just we were told to do that😁