Why does each headset have its own functionality on the app if all headsets can replicate it?

Hi, I have the Soundcore Life Q35 for more than 1 year, you wanted to switch to the Soundcore space Q45, the only really serious problem for me is that the Q45 app, from what I understand, doesn’t have the function: " better sleep quality", with which you can create your own background sound scene with the effects you prefer. When I study, I feel great there. I would like to know, if perhaps you have had the opportunity to ascertain it, if the Soundcore app over time, with updates, extends the features initially available only to one model to other headphones models as well. So if there’s a chance that the feature will be available for the Q45 too, I hope Soundcore understands the importance of open-source, because I think it’s really useful for us consumers and for them. Especially when it comes to very useful functions that can be done from all headphones without any problems.

This is a perfect question for the developers.
We are definitely not.:smile:
We dont know.
There is no insight in the code for others.
This is not an open source.


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My Q35 are with my son at college.

If you are talking about the white noise machine that I think had waves, fans and other stuff (that is I think on the Q30’s as well as a couple other buds, I think) inside the devices app. I think they opted out of including that in devices app functions to make it simpler and less congested.

The white noise maker should be outside of the devices page and on one of the tabs. It is the same functionality but I believe it does limit it to 3 noises that you can either create on your own or to use their default noises.

Capito grazie, ultima cosa, che voi sappiate i modelli + vecchi dopo quanto smetto o di ricevere aggiornamenti firmware dalla data di uscita? Se succede, (credo che cuffie uscite + di recente riceveranno aggiornamento per + tempo di cuffie di 2/3 anni + vecchie)

Nobody knows how long elder models are supported by such updates.
If you take a look at OS, these all have a temporally limited support even LINUX :laughing: