Why is Soundcore penalising me in photo competition?

I’m on a few days outdoors hiking and B&B.

This is all the Anker I have with me.

I have taken loads of photos.

Notice no Soundcore in the photo. Not my fault as Soundcore doesn’t make lightweight compact travel-friendly products.

I see the photos of the winners and they all are for people not like me who are at home or using a car. A hiker would never carry a speaker Soundcore makes due to the weight, nor use TWS buds as they easily get lost when you’re moving a lot, nor have headphones due to packed volume. Because Soundcore is pandering to those who want loud bass, the speakers have to be weighted so they don’t vibrate.

I am using Anker buds, two of them, I sleep with them and recharge via Powercore trickle-charge Powercore or Powerport while I use the 2nd set. I can’t buy these types of buds now from Soundcore, they either don’t exist or are unavailable. Why?

It’s unfair to make photo competitions needing Soundcore in the image.

There is also a degree of circular unfairness in that when you do gift a Soundcore product to someone, you enable them to make more photos with said product. So you end up with a smaller set of winners.

Make outdoors fast+light products and send them to me so I can enter photo competitions.


Dont agree at all.
Its a competition where a soundcore product has to be in a certain context.
These are the rules, given here
We have other threads at ANKER’s forum where we show some private photos,
which have nothing to do with ANKER.
You already published these there and I like it.


I agree with @Chiquinho

I think anybody can win if they try for a photo contest. I remember somebody whose name was like xxunknownxx who use to go by olivia george had won with spirit x as that was her only earbuds. I will say she did go on to get the top prize one of those months later last year.

I think the hypothesis is a little flawed as there is not a bunch of folks doing the photo competition per say. Some may be doing for the monthly and others are doing it for the notes which I usually try most times :wink: So it does look like there is a cycle

I think a better statement may be does gifting gives a member a better chance to win the photo contest as the products are newer and may be more favored to win. I believe part of the reason for the gallery and photo contest is so that they could use the photo in social media if they wanted too.

Will say those are very nice pictures.


Yes I see the winners photos in their social media stream, and so it does tend to favour their newer products.

I’d like them primarily to make products I can use in the places I am with a camera.

I have lots of Soundcore just it doesn’t leave the house with me much.

Nice collection

I do like your capsule. I really want to get the Star Wars r2d2 one

I will say that I think soundcore is going to go full wireless from current trend.

Although I do think they could decrease their current list of wired earbuds and still have a market with only one or two.

Shame. It will alienate all those who love life and buds fall out of ears. Not saying they should stop making TWS buds and sure many like them, but to cancel around neck wired is forcing many to spend their money with their competitors. Needlessly myopic.

The photo competition just is an echo chamber of agreement.

I hope that I am wrong on that but the closest thing to come out was those U shaped bands last year and an upgrade to the spirit x in 2019 not sure of others

I love your pictures and want to visit some of these locations in the future. I might would wear earbuds while visiting these locations. I think those wired earbuds, if shot properly could get you win. I do think they prefer newer products and those that are in trend over legacy items. Most of the contest I don’t have the time to take pictures or think of the inspiration to take pictures. For this week’s contest I have a few ideas I but I doubt I will have time tomorrow to go out to the spot and take some pictures.

I still keep my old spirits and slims as back ups. I’ve always had issues with wires hanging on me and those issues get worse when I get sweaty. There are times miss using my spirits but the sound quality isn’t that good compared the newer TWS stuff. If Soundcore release a new set of slims or wired spirits with better sound quality I might look at using them more often.

As to hiking, my wife and I do a lot of hiking and are about to plan some10 mile day hikes in South/West/Panhandle of Texas, Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, Northern Arkansas, and Tennessee these trips will be over the next few years. During our earlier hikes we never once used nor even thought about bringing portable speakers or earbuds. The point of hiking is getting back to nature. Plus it ads extra weight to your trip that isn’t needed. If you doing some overnight backpacking I can see having something at camp but other than wasted. Most of the seasoned hikers I know do not use any kind of music on the trails.

One of the larger backpacker groups we met on the trail a while back had two Soundcore icons hanging from their bags and I ask about them since I like talking about Soundcore products with others that have them and they told me they don’t use them on the trail it tends to upset other hikers that prefer nature over music but they were planning to use them at their campsite.

I’ve done some solo hiking and do carry a set of TWS with me for those hikes where it gets really boring or only where them to get a good training workout in and I’m not there for any else. I mostly use the earbuds when visiting historical sites, museums, or or taking in the sites and want to block out the noise from others.

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I don’t listen to music. I listen to news etc.

I use as earplugs at night.

I am B&B hiking currently so I’m sleeping in a room but walking all day. I am next camp hiking which will mean I’m not with the tablet and very power focused with more Powercore, but the same decision of the Slim buds.

I was here today.

Soundcore has and will soon again be releasing products at a fast pace. I ask they revisit their around neck buds to keep at least one option current to keep a portfolio for all needs.

I love technology, it injects joy into life. Today:

A year ago

Nice views. Impressive recovery and getting back out there. Where were those taken?

I just got my doctors to sign off for me to start hiking again and do some rock hopping/scrambling when hiking across a rock garden. I’m still recovering from a severe broken wrist so rock climbing. I have to limit the hardness of the hikes and our hikes take a lot longer than most because I have to limit the stress I put on my heart.

When I’m taking breaks or at camp, I sometimes listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

Here’s some from last October in the Wichita Mountains in West Oklahoma


I broke my arm (upper humerus) spring last year, which in hindsight one of the better ones to break. Doesn’t interfere with shoulder and you can walk, hand works but yes you’re one-armed. I befriended someone in the hospital ward opposite broke his wrist, it didn’t seem as bad an injury? His hand worked still.

I don’t know it all, sorry.

Thanks. But I tip my hat to the undocumented ancestors who evolved (improve or die) to make us able to get stronger. Use the body or it won’t be usable.

Most wrist fractures aren’t that bad. But I took a fall about 15mph and ended up breaking my left wrist so bad that I now have a 6in metal plate with a handful of screws and pins at the distal radius (wrist). The crack was so bad I could see it in the x-rays. At that time, I also broke my 5th digit (pinky finger) at the joint that meets the hand and that couldn’t be repaired without breaking the ring finger to put a small pine in it. On that same arm, I also had a small facture of radial head. I was in double casts for a while and pain meds for about a month. This accident happened on Christmas day and was in surgery for 6 hours on New Years Eve Eve day. It took about 5 months for complete release back to regular activities. But the doctor says I may still have issues and minor pain for about 18 months.

The doctor didn’t want me doing hiking until about a month ago. Not because I couldn’t but because he didn’t want me risking a fall on it or tweaking when I use hiking poles. The only restrictions as of now is rock climbing and heavy deadlifting/farmers walks. But I should be back to those activities next year.

As to Oklahoma, the area you were hiking is a lot more interesting. We chose this area because its only 4 hours from us and we found a great deal on an Airbnb

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I did make an honourary entry in a Nebula photo competition.

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I have not tried these or similar ones myself but have you thought about earbud straps. I think they look like a potential solution if Soundcore does goes totally wireless.

I am a little tempted to get a few … if not for me, I think for my youngest as he will just sit them where ever and could just sit them on his neck instead.

I did think of making these myself so I invented them in my mind already.

It’s a bad idea.

The ones you link to are an extremely bad idea.

They cover the microphones.
You still need a case to charge them.
The buds can still come out and so get lost.

Wired buds don’t need a case and the wire has to be ripped out to lose anything and microphone is conveniently in the cable not covered.

:slight_smile: I picked one of the first ones that I saw to show an example of what was out there but there was a few design but with some similar or different or outright weird look

I thought the design was not that not too bad but as stated it could have something additional to keep from losing them. Plus they are good for a specific type of buds.