Why is this a thing

I get the appeal of it but you could also by cheaper that already have a strap on it. Really hope this doesn’t become a fashion thing.


That is awesome :joy:.

Btw, what is your username on anker community?

It’s “Unnamed” On there. Trying to change this one to the same thing.

:laughing: Just when you think things can’t get weirder…

Wait until its been ‘kardashianed’ by being offered in real gold, silver or diamond encrusted and you never know :wink:

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I was kind of expecting this would come out… sooner than I thought :slightly_smiling_face::rofl:

That is nothing new for Apple Products… reduced all the ports on macbook / air, with lot of dangling dongles or iphones with poor battery needing lot of powerbanks :rofl:

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Its for those that can’t get away from being wireless I guess.

Its ugly and once you add the strap back on you might as well buy a pair of wired wireless earbuds and save a few bucks

I saw that on reddit and just shook my head. The fact that it is $60 for it is mind-boggling, but then again, I always laugh and end up reading through Neiman Marcus’s Christmas catalog

You’d have to pull the AirPods off that ridiculous string to stick them back into their charging case…the extra step involved is just plain dumb

Being a Soundcore Fan, I would say, just go for a Soundcore Spirit series (Spirit / Pro / X) with wires , great sound quality and best part - it much :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: less than Airpods + This weird POS ( I meant Piece of String :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Right I feel like I could get some paracord and do something similar for way less money for the price they are charging. Not to mention @ndalby being right about it “kardashianed” then people buying something that’s not really needed.


Not only Is it not needed, it’s counterproductive. The point of AirPods is that there is no wire :joy:. So funny

Within a year or so, it’s hard to see any corded earphones, at least with flagship phones, so these straps may get huge sales down the road :joy:

Here at Apple we introduce cutting edge technology.
Today we present you with top of the line Airpods straps only starting at £1,499.99 :joy:


Companies will make their way to get rid off features to create need for new product innovations…
It’s all fair in business practice :rofl:

Il send you some of my own design** for £5 (p&p not included)

** may just be a bit of string :tongue:

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I guess too many people lost an AirPod and regret switching to wireless!

The next thing will be the ability to “Find My AirPod ”.

Part of me is amazed it took this long for someone to design this! :rofl:

The find my AirPod to me would be better but I’m usually pretty good about keeping up with stuff.

This is a really good idea, you just need to go a little bit further. You have the string and in both ends you have a little battery with wireless charging :joy::joy:

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