Why Led Zeppelin Wasn’t In The Same League As The Beatles And Rolling Stones, John Paul Jones Explained

I thought this was interesting.

My personal opinion is Led Zeppelin was the most talented group of musicians, closely followed by the Who.


Nice reading. Thanks.

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Its idiotic to “compare” bands and
talking about why this band war not in the “same leaque”
This can do only a "journalis"t who was NEVER playing in band and needs to create an article.
Such comparisons “best” / “worse” are full nonsense.

How do we call this here :
“Äpfel und Birnen vergleichen”
“Comparing apples and pears”

That’s your opinion an I do accept it, but I dont agree. :smile:
But we only say here “that’s my opinion”
and others may have other opinions.
And this is good.

btw : We, the band I was playing in, was the most talented band ever,
but no one knows, only the members! :rofl:

Nice read, thanks.

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My take on the article was it was about what Led Zeppelin’s Bassist said in an interview.
He was basically saying they focused on music instead of Movies and TV appearances like some of the other bands did.

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There is no need to discuss about, Steve. :grin:

I know Led Zeppelin of course.
Its not our task to do any evaluation.

But let’s take a look to Movies and TV appearance of the bands of today.
Too many.
But this is show ad money only.

Same would be the question are Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven are playing in the "same league, :smile:

What would you say?
I can give you an answer, but only my answer.

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