Why not add device life p2 in this app

Hi my friends !
I can’t add my device in app why ?
Please support me.


Life P2 does not have app support.

It is not mentioned in the P2 literature and is not in the app supported list. If you want app support, buy one with app support.


As was already said, not all products have App support. I seriously doubt it can be added. It would probably need different Hardware.

The main question is, does a device need an app.
The speakers I use and love have never get in touch with any of the apps.

But may be for earphones and earbuds there is need,
please enlighten me what need its is

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OF course you don’t need an app, but what is happening is Soundcore are mentioning their app a lot and the erroneous assumption of buyers leading to expectation gap.

It appears it has the hardware support already so the lack of app support is a deliberate software decision by Soundcore. App support needs SPP and the P2 has it.

It does make business sense, not technical sense, to omit app support. The P2 is a lower cost product so if they added app support they’d have to support more products (so higher support costs) and lower revenue as there’s less of a reason to buy higher cost Soundcore products. Or in less words, they deliberately don’t add P2 app support because they want you spent more money on P3 etc.