Why not develope

a so called bone conduction headset.
I was reading about such one from another company.

Are these harmful, because of that special technology?

Does one of you own such ones and can tell more about?

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They are a little different. I do not have them but was able to try it at a store called Sam’s Club.

They are pretty good at normal volume but at a higher volume you can start to feel the vibrations on your face and I thought that was weird.

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I bought one and immediately got rid of it, the sound quality bad. Issue is the frequencies bone transmit are not the full range the air and ear canal can transmit. If you try to make it louder you feel vibration on the skin. You also need to them have very hugging close fitting which can be difficult.

I am happy with my Soundcore Frames, they direct sound from close to the ear outside, similar to if you had an earbud very loosely fitted.

If Soundcore were to develop a bone conducting headphone they’d have to do the type where it’s behind-head and pinches behind the ear.


I tried one and didn’t really like it. YMMV

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Good to hear your honest estimates about it.
I heard about this type but I never got my hands on an will not of course.

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Agree on the frames and bone conduction. I think glasses fit this need pretty well to meet parts of this need.

I think overall the bone conduction is a decent concept, it is not for me right now.

I wonder if they would try to do bone conduction but to make it like a headset.

You could maybe have the headset but with an open ear but with the bone conduction circling the ear instead. It would probably give better support for the vibrations.

You need a positive firm force up against the bone behind the ear, i.e. pressure. The Frames concept it just needs proximity, no pressure. I think any beta testers would say becomes uncomfortable. I’ve worn my Frames all day no comfort issues.

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Never had those, but as far as I know sound quality of those isn’t the best

I have been wearing mine at work as well as around the house no issues right now for me either. At work I get looks and home I get comments but they are pretty good.

Technically they are not meant to be the best sound quality such as the L2Pro as it is worn open ear. I will say I am more impressed with the sound and still be able to hear others if needed.

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I have never tried bone conduction earphones, and I’m not sure that they would be as good as the Soundcore Frames. I am really gonna have to get myself a pair, as they look pretty cool and also, from what others are saying, they are pretty good.

It might be better to wear Frames rather than listening to a smartphone, on speaker, placed in a shopping trolley, being pushed around a supermarket – like my wife and I saw this evening. He wasn’t even listening to good music!

I’m finishing a 10 day 5 location trip where my sunglasses are the Soundcore Frames, and I’d miss them if they gone as this time of year the sun means I’m wearing sunglasses anyway.

The Frames sound quality is far better than bone conduction. I’ve walked average 12 miles per day with them.

I’m far from clear what market a bone conduction product would serve. You’re either moving or stationary, either alone or in a crowd. So that’s 4 total situations. Moving alone = Frames or speaker. Moving crowd = earbuds. Stationary alone = speaker, Stationary crowds = headphones. Did I miss a scenario?

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Unless you consider driving scenarios, I think you are good or you would have to consider day and night (clear or tinted lenses).

Day and night?

Why making any difference? :grin:

There are two clear lenses (non sunglSs) where you could wear at night to see. Unsure how well they may work right now

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Obviously, with Any new product (like these ) especially, they’ll have a bunch of adjustments, to make to satisfy the current base of buyers they have now , but also ideas and changes that’ll bring in even more customers who are willing to give them a try. So I’ll be following and curious to see if they figure it out how to keep bringing in more customers ,money and if not what theyll try out next too I like seeing the new tech thrive even if I’m not a fan of it. Not many companies would even think about trying to. Release a product like this. It’s pretty. Cool in my opinion

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