Why the Spirit Dot 2 is one of my favourite True Wireless Earbuds. 😀

I have been using the Spirit Dot 2 for about a month now and I’ve got to say it’s great value for what you get and it’s even on par with Soundcore’s High End Earbuds (Liberty Series) in many ways or even better.


  • With the Spirit Dot 2 you get a perfected mono mode which is when even if you are listening music there is no disruption when using mono mode on either earbud.

  • Compact form factor - I personally really like how slim and compact the earbuds and the case is.

  • Most comfortable Soundcore Earbuds (IMO) I have ever used - Due to the “Zero-Pressure Airwings” which leaves you with a very snug fit without any earpain from long durations (Your comfort may differ)

  • Instant Reconnecting & Disconnecting - In my experience with the Spirit Dot 2 once taken out of the case it connects to your device with 5 seconds and when you place the earbuds back into to the case it disconnects from the device within 2 seconds.

  • Long battery life

  • Very easy to use touch controls to play/pause, skip, voice controls and call controls.

  • IPX7+Sweat Resistance

What could be improved

  • More Dynamic sound range than primarily focusing on Bass and/or upgrading the existing “Composite drivers” to “Diamond-Inspired drivers” (Used in Liberty 2)

  • Integrating Volume Controls and Back in Touch Controls
    I feel like this can be made possible if Play/Pause was 1 tap on L/R, Back/Next Track was 2 tap on L/R, Voice Assistant hold for 2 seconds on L and if you hold for 2 seconds on the R earbud it slowly increases the volume until you tap the same earbud.

  • Charging flap is incredibly difficult to remove at times (Your experience may vary)

  • The earbuds itself in case were difficult to remove but I got used to after using it for a while.

Overall the Spirit Dot 2 are a amazing pair earbuds for a great price and most of the time I’d rather use Spirit Dot 2 than any other True Wireless Earphone due to all the added advantages the Spirit Dot 2 brings.

P.S. I don’t usually write reviews but the Spirit Dot 2 really surprised me on how good value it was for all features it has.


Great review! Have fun with your pair!

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