Widget doesn't show anything, just a shortcut to go to the sounsdcore app

I hoped the widget would give me some choises to switch between Equalizer pre settings or something else. But this Widget doesn’t do anything for me and has no added value. Hope there will stil be something good comes out


Fair comment, I found similar

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Same here @Elgrande @The_Professor

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Everybody: widget doesn’t show anything

Me: um… what’s a widget…


If it was for the air 2 pro, there is a widget to be used with those earbuds to adjust the noise canceling. If not, you the app to log in.

for library air 2, do we have widget support ? or is it a bug ??

The NC devices that has app support will have a widget to control NC functions without accessing the app. The air 2 pro and Q30 are two such devices that use the widget.

The air 2 just has the app.