Will Soundcore US product prices be impacted by tariffs?

I buy a lot of tech as part of my job, and many of my suppliers have notified us that they will be increasing prices in October due to impending tariffs. I am wondering if Soundcore will be impacted as well?

Tensions have eased recently but tech is still a big target of this administration’s tariff crusade. This article explains it a bit:

In any case, I am wondering whether these will impact Anker/Soundcore prices in the US.

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I certainly hope not! That would be a shame…

I had a seizure while reading this line :joy:

As with all things tech or non tech related, consumers will always be hit the hardest

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Aint that the truth. Trickle down economics at its finest…privatize gains, socialize losses.

I would be surprised if it didn’t; none of this stuff is made in USA anymore.

Soundcore and Anker products will be impacted by Tariff with the price increase. which will eventually be pushed to the consumers who buy the products, since everything is made out of China and imported into US.

Some retailers are still on the side of consumers, such as Target, who have reached out to their vendors to keep the price same and not push the increase to consumers…

hope this whole thing gets resolved / settled soon, it is not good for anyone, nor countries, or people. Bad for economy, overall.

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That’s an ignorant thing to say. It is extremely beneficial for the US economy.

This encourages company’s to manufacture in the US (for US sales), which provides tons of jobs for US workers.

As long as company’s are coherent, And move manufacturing to the country of sale, in the end the pros will outweigh the cons.

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This may be GOOD in short term, in the long run this hurts everyone. I don’t want to make any political statements or take sides. These things have never helped anyone, only end up hurting people.

Not quite. Consumer spending is what makes the economy strong. Tariffs will increase consumer prices for sure, which makes consumers less likely to spend. This has the knock-on effect that companies sell less, make less money, create fewer jobs, and have to raise prices, and the cycle starts again. The US economy benefits from from lower tariffs because it makes things cheaper to get into the country, so more companies sell more things at lower prices. Our main export, interestingly, is our strong consumer market. The rest of the world loves us because we buy their things.

Anyone in the manufacturing side of the Anker family of brands will tell you that the same products manufactured in the US will cost more. There’s a whole basket of reasons for this - exchange rates, supply chains, environmental regulations, labor regulations, etc. Suffice it to say that tariffs won’t make up for the cost savings of all of these factors to the degree that would actually encourage a company to manufacture in the US. Companies will just increase consumer prices so their bottom line doesn’t suffer. That makes things more expensive for you and me, so we stop buying as much stuff. That slows down the economy every time.

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We in eurozone pay an imposed tax on all imports, but they also restrict where it’s purchased from.

Eg… A few years ago Tesco (a supermarket) found a supplier for Levi jeans, but cos.it.wasnt via the eurozone agreed dealer, Tesco was fined n forced to stop selling the cheaper jeans. At the time it was 50 for a standard pair, but Tesco could sell for 30 by using the grey supplier.

So I do know taxes go someway to why we pay more, but taking that into account, we still pay a.lot.more for Anker here than anywhere else… Even UK is higher than mainland eurozone.

Hey just be happy you dont live in Australia as they pay even more. I had a friend buy a 10k batterypack there and he paid over 100 dollars for it when we can get it for under 30

Yeah, a strong dollar and low tariffs make shopping in the US really easy when goods are made outside of the country. I have colleagues that come here from Australia, South America, and europe sometimes. They always remark on how cheap everything is. I always have a battery pack or something for them because they are so expensive elsewhere.

You may have that backwards - in the short term this will be causing some pain and increased costs. In the long run, less intellectual property theft, diversified (and possibly shorter) supply chains, and less dependence on country that is extremely hostile towards individual freedom (see Hong Kong right now).

From a simple and short term economic perspective, tariffs are straight up bad, and free trade is the best choice. And there was a camp that argued that free trade would break down autocratic governments and lead to freedom to go with that free trade. Not that we have seen the two don’t automatically go tother, things get more complicated…

If there are tariffs we will just have to deal them until it gets better. Although I think we are getting a crazy set of potential candidates on both sides. Lol