Will the A40 charge in a A3i case?

Love my A3i Soundcores but I don’t suggest washing them :woman_facepalming:. Having said that, lol I am cyber Monday shopping and the A40 is on sale. I have one working A3i Soundcore (I accidentally left one in my pocket & put it in the washing machine :woozy_face:) & the case. I am wondering if the charging cases are interchangeable. The shape looks very similar it would be nice to have all 3 of my earbuds charge in the same case :rofl:. Does that make sense? Lol If you happen to have both sets how much of a difference do you find? Which do you prefer. :thinking: Thank you!

It depends…

Some earbuds basically are the same but with different names. One is more of an online vs a store brand name.

If so the cases probably charge it due to they are the same other than name. It may take a little search to figure that out.

The other option is to contact service@soundcore.com they have started to selling specific parts as well. I think the case will be 30 percent of manufacturers cost.

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