Will the "Insider Testing" become stand alone

I see the link for Insider Testing leads back to the main Anker Community page. Will this remain like that, or will it become a stand alone page focusing on Soundcore products?

Personally, I think separation would be nice, specially since we already had to create a new profile and it would be more brand specific.

Soundcore in the end is still a division of Anker. It would seem wierd to split insider testing when its still 1 company. Besides, if you send all insiders to 1 place you can advertise more brands. I know many of us will use multiple comminuties but others may not just yet.

There is a bigger question - will the Soundcore Section on Anker Community be omitted / archived, or may be redirected to the Soundcore community.

Redirection to the New Soundcore Collective seems logical.

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Probably not, but what Do I know.

It should be redirected imo, as this would create less if a headache and confusion to others by keeping it there

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I just figure you get more focused testing and review… rather than a smorgasboard


That makes the reviews or whatever concerned to Soundcore to stay in one place.

Additionally to credit the members who have posted valuable posts in Anker community for Soundcore section should (have been already) be ported over to Soundcore Collective. Ty here are lot of useful things, tips tricks and more :crazy_face:

@Loz Your thoughts?