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What’s better than Liberty Air 2 Pro? You know, the earphones endorsed by 10 GRAMMY-winning artists? That’s right, a FREE pair of Liberty Air 2 Pro.

“How,” you may be asking yourself, “can I possibly avail myself of this sweet sweet deal?”

Easy! Just visit this page and the path will be revealed. Actually, there are multiple ways to win, so get in there and pick the entry methods that suit you best. If you wanna read the rules in detail, you’ll find those in there too.

We’re giving out 100 prizes, which means the chances of winning are pretty good! They include:

  • Liberty Air 2 Pro
  • Soundcore Notes (worth anywhere from $5 to $500 in store credit)

What are you waiting for? Hit this page for entry details, and good luck!

Oh, and one more thing…


If you find your way back here to comment on this blog (hint hint), please tell us: what’s the first song you’d listen to on our GRAMMY-winning earbuds?


Looks like participation is limited to certain countries.


awesome , good luck


That’s my entries in. The first song I’d listen to is “The Eve of the War” from Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of the Worlds.

Good luck everyone!

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Good luck everyone

This giveaway is pretty exciting. Good luck everyone.

I would definitely crank up Post Malone - A Thousand Bad Times. Great mix of beat and lyrics can really test out the system.

I would probably listen to some fall out boy or maybe panic at the disco dying in la

It is a hard question. I could just go to the soundcore app and listen to some LUM songs. Go old school and do somebody like MJ Thriller or go for the fun thrill of Weird Al and something like Amish Paradise.

I think I would really grab some of my mother’s karaoke tapes so that I can hear her sing again.

I have to say wow on the $500 in soundcore credit… That is an insane amount.


Cool giveaway

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I would love these!

good luck everyone

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The first song I probably listened to was “good as hell” by lizzo

Everything in its Right Place - Radiohead

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First thing I’d be listening to would probably be done Daft Punk. Hope I win a pair!

I’d LOVE to listen to some They Might Be Giants on the Liberty Air 2 Pros! Thanks for the opportunity

I’ve seen this type of competition before. Most winners get a small discount code off their website and you usually can get a lower price patient on Amazon.

They’re sending out email bomb now, so chances of winning a big prize is very low. Sure, someone will win.

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