Win a mystery bag from The Verge

If you are looking for Black Friday deals… Here is it started already…

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Thanks for the contest. Just this week or two, I have won an Anker power bank, 100 dollar headset, an Xbox 1 and a 10 d for Amazon and 30 dollar headset


Nice congrats on the Xbox. BIg score there.

@Ice thanks for the heads up on the contest.

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Thanks. You

I won last months Polk/Denon competition from

Almost 3 grand worth of high end stuff…now if only I could win the lotto. This would be cool to win also


Nice wins @Duane_Lester and @Tank :muscle:t2::tada::clap:t2:

Congrats on your wins @Duane_Lester & @Tank some very nice goodies!

Thanks guys, as much as I want to keep these items I am going to have to pass. I need another car so I will be selling them soon, shame because I really want to keep them but I need a more reliable car to get to work

Always winners here! :laughing:
My last win was my second flare.
Enough for me, as I really appreciated it.
But this I will KEEP, as I need it.

Many other gifts had been “stolen” :wink: from family members.
That’s great!
What does an old man need…


Wow, those are big wins @Duane_Lester & @Tank, congrats…
You guys deserve !

To think of it I’ve never really won anything that was worth much. Glad to see people actual win things.

awesome! Congratulations for the wins!!!

Congratulations!!! that is an great win…

When favored by luck’s fickle to spiteful moods it’s not a bad option to indulge joy while the cosmos auto-corrects with a karmic token to make up for when shitty people do shitty things to others. Totally relate to this so much, nearly a year now and I’ve not been able to recover much less rebuild from some horrible stuff. But it’s when good things happen to others like this and in the randomness that brightened up a bunch of people’s day, well sir I’m super excited for ya. Makes me wanna exchange $20 bucks for a bag of pennies and reenact the opening to Duck Tales! :moneybag::duck:

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Grats as well @Tank and sorry to hear that you had to sell it. Now my biggest win has been a trip to Disneyland in California. I won that from Expedia on twitter. They do or did a weekly giveaway on Wednedays, at 2 where you just answered their posts with a hashtag and then they selected somebody to win different trips each week and/or a 500 dollar expedia credit. I have not done that for a bit. May need to check on that again… LOL It was mostly travel and hotel accommodations.

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