'Wind' noise in NC-mode on Life Q30


I just received my Q30’s a few hours ago and have been using them to watch youtube video’s. Just now I heard a sort of ‘wind’ noise coming from the right shell, but only in NC-mode. Is this a common issue and if so, is there any solution for it?



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I had similar from both sides. I opened a ticket, replacement on its way, I’ll then decide what to do, if it’s a feature to accept / bad unit / give up.

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Thanks, I’ll open a ticket then, hoping it’s not a common issue.

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I had the same problem on the right side.
It seems to have gone away after a reset and re-pairing to my devices.
I’m hoping that it stays fixed.

Update: The problem came back after a few hours. It is not fixed permanently with the reset and switching off and on.

I have the same problem only thing that fixes it for me was putting my hoodie over my q30 then it works without a problem.

I have the some problem. I bought both models and I found a strange background noise on the q30. It’s like a rustle or crackle especially when I listen to edm music (windy sound probably is the best way to describe it) For some reason the sound quality is not as clear as the q20. I’m getting mad comparing few tracks and the problem persists. Soundcore suggested me some troubleshooting tips but nothing worked. Probably they sent me a defective item??

Is this with ANC on or normal?

ANC does convert a low hum sound into a hiss, it in effect makes a higher harmonic which then when playing music should mask the hiss.

ANC on. I was indoor and it was absolutely silent around me. Music didn’t sound very clear

So if it’s silent then why is ANC on?

These low-end entry-level ANC rely on

  • they produce a close anti-phase bass sound
  • this leaves a net sound which is a higher frequency (Fourier analysis if you want to research)
  • this higher frequency sound then is masked by the music being played.
  • so in quiet situations, ANC off, in loud situations the external hum is reduced and the music playing then masks the hiss it makes, net gain for low cost.

The alternative is very expensive.

There are so many threads here of similar nature, suggest a replacement won’t improve, in quiet situations keep ANC off, in noisy ones ANC on and you may need to tweak the equaliser as some say bass is reduced.


Same problems with ANC off.

I don’t want to complaint about these headphones. I’m just a bit shocked because q20 sounds definitely better.

This is leave me with a big dilemma because q30 has been worldwide reviewed very positively…so something must be wrong with these particular headphones I got. Even ANC is better on q20…

Well you can certainly begin a warranty replacement. In UK you post original back and show evidence of postage cost and get replacement and refund on original order (Amazon / Soundcore).

I haven’t heard any wind noise, unless a sort of white noise counts. As I’m typing this, I have the Q30’s on and I can hear it, and I have no music playing.

White noise is normal on ANC. Those not used to it say wind or hiss.

The only way to avoid it is hugely expensive. Either spend 4x-5x the cost to get better ANC or just accept it as-is.

The physics is complicated but you can begin to learn by this video, two slightly different sounds produce a 3rd different sound, the anti-phase sound if not perfect makes a different sound emerge.

That’s what I thought, just I guess the white noise sounded like wind to me.

You should be effectively hiding white noise / hiss / “wind” by playing media.

The passive NC (the cups) reduce most sound, the ANC reduces others, but causes some added other sound, which you then mask by media. Overall net is a reasonable not being able to hear external sounds.

Good no-media noise isolation:


And so presumably you bought Soundcore to listen to media.

Well, some ‘noise’ is to be expected ofcourse, but if that noise gets so loud it overpowers whatever media you want to listen to, that seems to defeat the purpose of ANC headphones.

You are correct there.

I’m expecting this is very much the conversation now under NDA for the L2P successor, how to add ANC without worsening sound quality.

I won’t get to see the teardown but I’m still interested how they are going to put a mic the armature and the canal.