Wireless charger requirement

I received Liberty Air 2 for Christmas. Will wireless charging work on same wireless chargers used for AirPods? Manual just references “certified” charger. I’d like to get a 3-in 1 charger for iPhone, Apple watch (also a Christmas gift) and the Liberty Air. I just want to be sure it would work before I buy it.

Yes, the wireless chargers for airpods should work just fine with the Liberty Air 2’s.


Thank you!

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I think it should. If I remember correct some chargers were “incompatible” but I don’t remember the reason. Anker does sell 3-in-1 for Apple products (the one you want) so you can look in it. If price is correct, you can contact either customer supports (service@anker.com or service@soundcore.com) and ask to make sure

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