Wireless charging

But for portable speakers…

Lets say I have two flares on my fireplace mantle. It would be really cool if they can just sit on top of a wireless charging pad to charge while just sitting there.

Not sure if this is actual feasible, can you do pass-through wireless for powering a device while on and it would be able to power a speaker while in use?

Obviously you would need to find some kind of company thats good at making chargers and do some kind of collaboration… That would probably be the hard part honestly. :lab_coat:

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I honestly don’t know how much I would use this. I’m all about shoving wireless charging into Anything and everything, but speakers seems a bit weird.

I would love standard wireless earbuds that have wireless charging- but I know that isn’t possible lol

Really feel this is a cool idea :+1::ok_hand:

I have about 3 wireless charging spots which are occupied only about 30~40% of times, would be great to have my Flare Mini Pair / Icon Mini Pair recharge via wireless than Micro-USB connection, which at times is cumbersome (remove the tight flap and connect the charging port)

I wonder if the Flare 2 will have USB C…

It will have USB-C

So I am throwing something crazy thought out but not sure if it will work. You can have two Qi charging pads that the flares sit on. The flares could have Qi 5v receivers plugged in and bent over to the base of the flares and potentially charge from that as I think the flares are 5v too. With that said those receivers are technically for phone use.

If they are permanently / semi permanently in a position, just run a charging cable to that position? Doesn’t seem like the wireless adds that much value unless you are moving them very often.

@TechMan @jercox I carry my two flares throughout my house and outside for different things constantly. The flares are also always moved around by the pool / outside deck. I would say they get unplugged at least once a day during the summer if not more. Having wireless means less stress on the charging port which does become a problem over time no matter how gentle you are.

2 FLARES : 2 wireless charger + cables.
If you carry the speakers around, you have to carry around the whole equipment.
Would not use.

Well thats the point. If its built in then you just place it on the chargers at the end of the day or when not in use back on its charger so it can charge

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I know what you are trying to achieve here. Just saving one step of plugging back into the charging pin. May come true one day.

That is reasonable. And I don’t disagree that qi would be a nice addition. It is quite inefficient - slow to charge and significant power loss - but using it is the main reason my nexus 7 is still functional (the micro USB port is basically dead). So I can see where you are coming from. Hopefully USB-C will help some with that. And there are retrofit adapters you can buy as @Duane_Lester pointed out - maybe you could modify the base to incorporate one.

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