Wireless Headphone Preference

Looking at getting a pair of truly wireless headphones. Looking for users preference on which pair. I like the style of the Liberty Neo but I have heard the sound quality is better in the Liberty Air. Pros/Cons and any input is appreciated!

Wait until the new ones come out, then determine your choice based off the reviews from new and old alike


There is really big announcement of new headphones this autumn.
You might wait for the “new” ones or for a discount on the “old” ones.


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@tank @Chiquinho Thanks for the feedback, I was not aware of a new one coming out. Where can i find out more about them, or have they not released any details??

As the other mentioned, I would wait for the new release. Either you take advantage of the features of the new ones or get a price reduction on the older ones. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know who Andrew is and I actually want input on the best bang for the buck.

@TechMan is Andrew. But if you look in here or on anker community you can search for the newest offering coming out

It’s me!

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Thanks Tank!

Here are just a few coming soon.

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